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High Velocity/SpacePak Systems in Washington, DC

Living in this area means that you are going to have to make it through some intensely hot weather each and every summer. If you hope to do so in true comfort, remember that you are going to need a great whole-house cooling system installed in your home. The problem that some homeowners encounter, though, is that their house is old enough so as not to have been designed with whole-house HVAC systems in mind. A good high velocity system in Washington, DC, such as the SpacePak system, can help you to overcome this problem.

A high velocity system is an elegant and effective response to the problem of cooling or heating older or historic homes, without the need for major, disruptive remodeling services. Needless to say, you'll want to be sure that you are scheduling your high velocity HVAC system services with trained professionals. You'll have no doubt about that when you work with the professionals here at Polar Bear Air Conditioning & Heating Inc.

What Is a High Velocity Air Conditioning System?

A high velocity heating and air conditioning system is an HVAC system that uses very small, flexible ductwork that can be snaked throughout an existing property with minimal disruption to that existing property, making it an ideal option for older or historic homes, of which there are many in this area. They are very often used as designated cooling systems, though many, including SpacePak systems, can also utilize heat pump technology or an electric furnace in order to provide effective heating as well. While the ductwork itself may be much smaller than that of a traditional central system, the high velocity air flow eliminates any concerns about an underwhelming cooling or heating performance.

Why Choose SpacePak Air Conditioning?

There are different makes and models of high velocity air conditioning systems from which you may choose, of course, but SpacePak is certainly an industry leader of note. The effective circulating of air helps to eliminate hot and cold spots in the house, and the high velocity operation allows for the removal of up to 30% more humidity over standard split central systems. The 2" mini duct insulated supply tubing keeps air moving continuously, and the tubing is seamless, helping to eliminate risk of energy loss via leaks. SpacePak systems are extremely customizable, and when you work with the professional high velocity system technicians on our staff, you can expect yours to cater to the design and needs of your home exceptionally well. With our help, you can finally live in the level of comfort that has thus far eluded you.

Schedule Your High Velocity AC Services with Us

No high velocity air conditioning or heating/cooling system is going to function at peak performance and efficiency levels if it is not designed and installed by skilled professionals. We encourage you to schedule your services with us, so that you can count on a job well done every step of the way. Plus, our maintenance technicians are here to inspect and tune up your system on an annual basis, so that you get the best performance that it has to offer over the course of the longest lifespan possible. Do not waste the great potential of your high velocity air conditioning system in Washington, DC. Dial our number and work with the professionals you can trust.

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