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Furnace Service in Washington, DC

Of all the home heating systems available to residential property owners today, the furnace just may be the most popular. This is no big surprise to those of us that have felt the comfort that a furnace can provide. If you are looking for fast, effective heating, the furnace is certainly a system worthy of your attention.

Just keep in mind that there is no guarantee of getting an outstanding performance from your furnace in Washington, DC. Even if you invest in one of the greatest models from one of the most trusted manufacturers in the industry, you may find yourself underwhelmed. Why? Because of subpar furnace service quality.

Fortunately for you, reading this means that you are looking in exactly the right place for truly exceptional furnace services. When you need a new furnace installed, or a failing furnace repaired, ours is absolutely the number to dial. Work with Polar Bear Air Conditioning & Heating Inc to ensure that you get the very best performance that your furnace has to offer. Schedule furnace service today!

Which Furnace Is Right for Me?

When you decide to heat your home with a furnace, you are probably going to choose between either a gas or an electric model. Important as it is that your system is of the right size for your home and that it is professionally installed, it is also important that you choose your system and the fuel it uses carefully.

Natural gas is a popular option these days. Gas is delivered right to the appliance, and is relatively affordable. It is also quite clean burning so far as fossil fuels go. However, not every home has access to natural gas, and not every homeowner wants to pipe gas into his or her home. Electric furnaces are incredibly efficient, as they don’t lose heat to flue gases. Due to the price of electricity, though, they are generally more costly to operate.

You Need a Professional Furnace Installation or Replacement

Hopefully you wouldn’t think otherwise, but we should point out that the installation of a furnace is in no way a DIY appropriate project. If you are planning on having a new furnace installed in your home, your furnace installation in Washington, DC must be left to trained professionals. Otherwise, you don’t just risk a subpar performance or operational damages. You risk your safety, and that of everyone in your home.

Should you experience a complete furnace breakdown, let us know so that we can get your furnace replacement completed as swiftly as possible. You don’t want to be waiting around for your replacement furnace during the coldest time of the year. We will help you to choose the ideal furnace for your needs, and we’ll see to it that it is integrated into your home successfully.

Furnace Repair & Maintenance in WAshington, DC

During the winter season, you are going to be using your furnace quite a lot. If that furnace should encounter operational issues of any kind, from loud noises to blowing cool air to leaving random cold spots in your home, you need to let us know ASAP. Forcing your system to continue running while ignoring furnace repair needs is only going to put it at risk for more serious damages.

While we cannot guarantee that you will never encounter problems with your furnace, we can tell you that routine furnace maintenance is, without exception, the best way in which for you to keep your furnace in fine working condition. We’ll thoroughly inspect your furnace, test electrical connections, lubricate moving parts, evaluate motors, and more. A well–tuned furnace is going to serve you well during the winter months.

Schedule Furnace Service Today

Whether you need an emergency furnace repair or are looking to install a new furnace in your Washington, DC area home, contact the HVAC contractors at Polar Bear Air Conditioning & Heating Inc. We offer high quality furnace installation, repair and maintenance services, so give us a call today to schedule furnace service in your area.

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