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Polar Bear Air Conditioning & Heating Inc - Ductwork & Sheet Metal

Ductwork & Sheet Metal Service in Washington, DC & Northern Virginia

Ductwork is a vital yet often overlooked component of any home comfort and ventilation system. These ducts are critically important, as they are responsible for circulating fresh temperature controlled air and removing old stale air. Ductwork that is damaged, dirty, or otherwise in need of repair will affect the performance of your system and can ultimately cause further damage.

Preventing these types of problems starts with quality work on the front end, and when dealing with sheet metal, quality work starts with expert knowledge. That is exactly what you can expect from the Polar Bear Air Conditioning team. Our skilled duct technicians have been serving the Washington D.C. and the surrounding areas for years and can handle any sheet metal job, from installation and maintenance, to repair or replacement.

Ductwork Fabrication & Installation

Putting in the right ductwork requires precision. While some homes can get by with prefabricated ductwork in some standard dimensions, others require custom fabricated ductwork. For example, some homes have a need for higher output than most prefab ductwork can handle. Other homes have less space available for the ductwork to fit into. These are two situations where custom ductwork might be necessary.

In cases like these, the fabrication process is very important for the durability of the ductwork. If the sheet metal is handled improperly and the ductwork not made correctly, it can become damaged more easily, leading to costly repairs or replacement down the road. For example, sheet metal that is not properly shaped can be punctured more easily, leaving the metal susceptible to corrosion and leaks.

Even when custom fabrication is not necessary, installing sheet metal ductwork is still a complicated process that can cause problems if not done right. For these reasons, you should always have ductwork installed and, if necessary, fabricated by a qualified professional who you know can complete the job properly.

Duct Repair, Maintenance & Modification

After installation, it’s important to maintain your ductwork. Any needed repairs should be made immediately by a professional technician in order to prevent any further damage to the ductwork, insulation, surrounding construction, or even other components of the home comfort system.

Even if your ductwork is in tip top shape, if you make any renovations to your home, such as building an addition or finishing a basement, the ductwork may need to be modified. This is a tricky process, as ducts are usually carefully installed and not designed to be moved easily, so it must be done by a trained professional. Just like all other sheet metal work, modification requires skill, precision and expert care to and avoid future issues.

Washington, DC Ductwork Experts

Sheet metal is a durable material, but it can be very difficult to work with. Being able to properly fabricate, shape, install, repair and modify sheet metal requires years of training and experience. Fortunately, the team at Polar Bear has the knowledge and experience needed to work with all types of ductwork, so you can call us with any sheet metal issues you have. Anywhere in the Washington D.C. and the surrounding areas, feel confident that any sheet metal work you need done will be done right.

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