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Commercial HVAC Services in Washington, DC and Surrounding Areas


Air conditioning and heating are important aspects of the daily operation of any successful business. Your employees and customers need to be comfortable. You need an HVAC system that will maintain comfortable temperatures in your commercial space throughout the year. Polar Bear Air Conditioning & Heating Inc. can help make this a reality.

  • We’ve served the area since 2001.
  • Our staff value you and your time and want to do right by you.
  • We provide free estimates on new systems.

Our commercial HVAC company is proud to provide the best possible commercial heating and AC service for business owners throughout Washington, DC and the surrounding areas.

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Commercial Air Conditioning & Heating Installation

The first step is to find a heating and cooling system for your business that will provide optimal comfort control without costing too much to operate. There are a number of solutions we offer depending on the size and needs of your business.

For smaller spaces, we have a combination of packaged systems, furnaces and heat pumps that will provide heating and air for your business throughout the year. These systems are designed to provide dual comfort control with less fuel consumption and quieter operation.

We have a full line of highly efficient boilers designed to provide the best possible heating experience to your business. Make sure you have a full heat load calculation done on your commercial space before choosing a boiler to ensure you get the right sized system in place.


Commercial Air Conditioning & Heating Replacement

As a business owner, if you’re faced the prospect of replacing your system, you want as little interruption to operations as possible, but you no doubt also want it done well, so you don’t have to worry about it again. With years of experience replacing commercial systems in Washington, DC and surrounding areas, Polar Bear Air Conditioning has the knowledge and skills needed to complete any commercial heating and air conditioning job. Our highly trained HVAC contractors have the skills and experience necessary to handle the replacement of your commercial system from start to finish.

High Performance Commercial HVAC

If you’re tired of extra money being poured into your comfort system, there are a number of things you can do. Most importantly, you need a trustworthy commercial heating and air conditioning technician to replace your old system or attend to any problems your current system is having. Polar Bear performs expert commercial HVAC service for businesses throughout Washington D.C. and the surrounding areas to ensure they maintain comfortable year–round temperatures.

Proudly Serving Washington DC and the Surrounding Areas