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Polar Bear Air Conditioning & Heating Inc - Testimonials


charles thomas's Profile Image
charles thomas, This year
AB's Profile Image
AB, This year

I appreciate Polar Bear's quick response and capable and professional crew.

Emily Kaplan's Profile Image
Emily Kaplan, This year
Julie Dennis's Profile Image
Julie Dennis, This year
Dorothy Robyn's Profile Image
Dorothy Robyn, This year

Alex is the best!

Dimitry Medvedev's Profile Image
Dimitry Medvedev, This year

Professional, responsive, excellent service. One of the best HVAC companies in the DC area.

Sarah V's Profile Image
Sarah V, This year

We really like this company. Their prices are fair, their technicians (especially the WONDERFUL Alex) are always on time and polite and knowledgeable. And their customer service people (especially Zoe) are really smart and thoughtful and polite. These folks have installed two new systems (big, old house needing two separate systems) and have serviced these systems plus our old ones for a few years. We highly recommend Polar Bear!!

Thomas Fletcher's Profile Image
Thomas Fletcher, This year

Great technicians, got my AC up and running quickly!

Tony Mclain's Profile Image
Tony Mclain, This year

I am Beyond thrilled of the service for Polar Bear AC! After I called, they came out in 3 days, installed in one day. The pricing was Very competitive, and Vanessa, the owner, took personal attention to see everything was done right. They have retained a Lifelong customer. Professional, thorough, friendly, clean, fast, and efficient! Highly recommended!

David Spangler's Profile Image
David Spangler, This year

I've used Polar Bear a number of times. Highly responsive and very pro.

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