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Polar Bear Air Conditioning & Heating Inc - Testimonials


Cindy Carter's Profile Image
Cindy Carter, Two years ago
Marie Payne's Profile Image
Marie Payne, Two years ago

We contracted Polar Bear for a complete central A/C install. The entire process was smooth! They communicated exceptionally well, were very friendly, and most importantly - DELIVERED WHAT THEY PROMISED!
Polar Bear is exactly the kind of small business that you hope you encounter. Strongly recommend them as they know their trade and do everything to give you what you need at a great value. Cannot say enough positive things about Joe, James, Edwin and the entire group that helped to update our home!
Thanks Guys!

Yvette Johnson's Profile Image
Yvette Johnson, 3+ years ago

Polar Bear Air Conditioning and Heating Inc has been our HVAC service provider since 2013. Very professional and dependable service from the administrative office staff and service technicians. Angel and Alex are the best service technicians!!! The staff is very responsive to our needs no matter what the issue. We highly recommend them!!

Jon, Capitol Hill, Washington DC's Profile Image
Jon, Capitol Hill, Washington DC

Very professional courtesy--- we certainly appreciate it. The equipment is humming along nicely!

Ed, Foggy Bottom, Washington DC's Profile Image
Ed, Foggy Bottom, Washington DC

Your welcome messages round out my total satisfaction with Polar Bear and its people.

All of you, James and Sherry and Melissa were always prompt, informative, patient and professional every time I had a question about various aspects of the project, and I had a number of them.

I thank you all three of you for your competence and responsiveness, which made it all vastly easier as well as always pleasant.

Amy Bishton's Profile Image
Amy Bishton, 3+ years ago

This fall, when my 20 year old gas boiler would not fire up upon first use, I contacted Polar Bear to take a look. Their response was incredibly quick, with a tech dispatched on Monday afternoon based on a Sunday evening email. The tech arrived promptly, worked efficiently, was knowledgeable and willing to answer all my questions on boiler operation. Fortunately, the problem turned out to be minor (pilot light out), but it is re-assuring to know I can confidently turn to Polar Bear when I have HVAC needs.

Thomas Black's Profile Image
Thomas Black, 3+ years ago

Fast, efficient, friendly, effective.

Tim Rann's Profile Image
Tim Rann, 3+ years ago

Very friendly team and easy to schedule. Purchased the 2x annual service contract. The first AC inspection went smoothly, although the technician didnt really clean anything (just made sure everything in working order). Suggested I use a hose to clean the condenser on my own - had hoped they would do this.
My unit started leaking a few months later, causing some minor flooding in my basement. Had to call Polar Bear a few times over the weekend before they confirmed that they don't send anyone out on Sat or Sun. Was able to get an appt on Monday afternoon - no real harm done, but would have been nice if they were upfront on timeline (esp for "priority service" per my service contract). Technician very quickly identified the core issue and getting an estimate for a new system one day later. Overall, pretty happy with Polar Bear - customer service very pleasant, technicians on-time and very nice / to the point.

Tracy Roman's Profile Image
Tracy Roman, 3+ years ago

We had a great experience with Polar Bear. We called them in the middle of a heat wave and they had a technician out to us the next day. The technician was on-time, courteous and quick. He diagnosed the problem in a few minutes, fixed it on the spot, and made recommendations for future maintenance of our system. Also, the employee who answered the phone and scheduled the visit was very courteous and helpful. All in all, we are extremely satisfied and will use them in the future for any heating and AC problems.

Steve Piccirelli's Profile Image
Recommended by:
Steve Piccirelli, 3+ years ago

great to work with contractor to contractor!!

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