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Polar Bear Air Conditioning & Heating Inc - Fall 2011

Fall 2011

Do You Need a New HVAC System This Fall?

Think back to winter. How did your heating system hold up? Was your family warm and comfortable all season long? Did you frequently struggle and fight with your furnace to get it working right? Were your energy bills through the roof? Depending on your answers to these questions, it may be time to think about a new heating system. In fact, for maximum efficiency and savings, this fall may be the best time for you to upgrade your whole HVAC system, including cooling.

New System = Savings

The biggest argument that most homeowners have against upgrading their HVAC equipment is the cost. Yes, getting new HVAC equipment is an expense. And yes, it can be quite costly. However, new HVAC systems are so efficient and pay for themselves so quickly with savings on your energy bill that they should be considered a sound investment, especially when switching from older systems. Whether you heat your home with oil, gas or electric heat, a new, efficient system can save you plenty on your monthly bill.

Aside from saving on routine costs, there is also the matter of repair costs. Have you had to have your HVAC system repaired in the last year, aside from routine maintenance? Repairs can be expensive, and if you have an older system that breaks down frequently, the costs can really add up.

When you also consider the hassle of fussing with an old HVAC system and the convenient comfort of a new model, you may realize it is time to upgrade.

Not Just Heating

When looking at a new heating system, you may want to consider upgrading the rest of your HVAC system as well. Although it seems counterintuitive to upgrade your cooling system just before winter, there are benefits.

The main benefit of upgrading your heating and cooling systems is that you can get what is called a matched system, in which all the components are designed by the manufacturer to work with one another. This creates maximum efficiency, which meets the ultimate in comfort and savings for you and your family.

With fall upon us, and winter not far behind, now is the time to think about whether your home could benefit from an HVAC upgrade.


The Benefits of Tuning Up Your Heating System

The sun is setting earlier and the temperatures have started to fall. That means that winter is very nearly upon us, and heating season is about to begin – if it hasn’t already.

That also means that if you have not gotten an annual tune up of your heating system, time is running short to get it done. In case you need some reminders about why that is so important, read on to learn more.

The Tune Up

When a professional comes to your home to do annual maintenance on your HVAC system, you may wonder just what he is up to. Usually, it is just routine tasks. He will do a general inspection, tighten connections, check lines to make sure they are moving freely, lubricate any moving parts and clean the parts that get dirty easily, like filters, fans and vents.

The Benefits

That all seems simple enough, so why is it so important? There are several reasons, such as:

  • Replacing worn parts early prevents major breakdowns later, such as in the middle of winter. Being without heat in the chilly midst of January while you wait for a repairman to make it through the snow is no fun.
  • Tightening, lubricating and cleaning the various components of your heating system helps keep the whole system running smoothly and efficiently. This means your home is as warm as it can be, and your family is comfortable and happy.
  • Routine maintenance extends the life of your heating system, so you can avoid dropping big money on a replacement as long as possible.
  • You save money, not only on the replacement costs we just mentioned, but also on monthly bills and future repair costs.

When you look at all those benefits together, it only seems natural to have your heating system inspected and tuned up. The sooner, the better, so give a call to local professional today.

That way, you can be warm all winter long and rest easy knowing that your heating system is in great shape.



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