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Michael Leontiev's Profile Image
Michael Leontiev, 3+ years ago

Thanks to Polar Bear our old Victorian townhouse in Georgetown got a first time central AC. I am very pleased with my experience and would like to explain why. I interviewed all spectrum of companies from big to small that got on my final list. Dealing with big companies you always get a marketing person first. His only goal is to get project as big as possible. Talking to small contractor who is doing everything by himself you understand that his horizon is just small. Polar Bear does not have a marketing department and the owner of the company is a high level engineer. Very interesting point about Joe that all my questions he answered from my point of view. Like what is really better for me as an owner. To the point like "don't rush into this, you can always add it later if you will really need it". Joe designed the whole system and two teams implemented the project. I talked to both team leads and they were professional and knowledgeable. Duct work took least space possible. It was put into closets and I did not see any changes in my rooms. I inspected the whole system with Joe and did not see any problems in installation like some customers mentioned before. I saw attention to details and thinking about others who will cover it up. I appreciate couple of things Joe threw in for free without even mentioning and I would like to let him know it did not go unnoticed. Joe also spent half a day trying to wake up my old water heater after they finished AC/heat pump work not saying a word that its failure to start has nothing to do with their installation. Again, the whole experience gave me the feeling like people did it for themselves. This is the main point. If Polar Bear will continue the same business will be great and customers will be happy.

Thomas K.'s Profile Image
Thomas K.

Thoroughly professional, accurate, timely, go the extra mile, trustworthy, prompt, reliable, cant say enuff about y'all !

Lisa, Great Falls's Profile Image
Lisa, Great Falls

The installers were prompt, polite, and cleaned up thoroughly when they were finished. Overall, a GREAT experience.

Denise, Great Falls's Profile Image
Denise, Great Falls

We highly recommend this company if you are in need of new equipment or service. The techs were friendly, courteous, and on time.

Asyraf Azizan's Profile Image
Recommended by:
Asyraf Azizan, 3+ years ago
Lisa Cuomo's Profile Image
Lisa Cuomo, 3+ years ago

Our experience with Polar Bear could not have been better or easier. Joe patiently explained all the options to us & answered all of our questions. He even recommended a unit that was less expensive than the one we were considering going with. That's when I knew we were dealing with a company that was truly trustworthy, and had our best interests at heart. The installation was quick & easy. The installers were prompt, polite, and cleaned up thoroughly when they were finished. Overall a GREAT experience!

Ann K.'s Profile Image
Ann K.

Polar's work is high in quality, as is their customer service. Highly recommend!

Daniel T.'s Profile Image
Daniel T.

Joe Kelly and his techs did a great job. They worked on a challenging space, and completed the install and cleaned up according to schedule.

Teddy K.'s Profile Image
Teddy K.

Great! Responsive and fair. System is highly effective but a bit loud/windy.

Chris U.'s Profile Image
Chris U.

Great! From sealing the deal with Joe to finishing up the work. Staff was professional, pleasant, and took there time to do it right. Top notch.

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