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Polar Bear Air Conditioning & Heating Inc - Testimonials


Jon, Capitol Hill's Profile Image
Jon, Capitol Hill

We've appreciated your great service.

Brian, Capitol Hill's Profile Image
Brian, Capitol Hill

Everything has worked great and we are very pleased with the results.

Tami, Capitol Hill's Profile Image
Tami, Capitol Hill

We recommend Polar Bear for HVAC all the time, you are one of the best and most respectful companies we have ever had doing work in our house.

Jillian, Logan Circle  's Profile Image
Jillian, Logan Circle

The service technician and the two people I spoke to on the phone were all friendly and professional. Thank you very much for your wonderful service and quick response.

Bernie, Capitol Hill Merchant's Profile Image
Bernie, Capitol Hill Merchant

I’m very happy with Polar Bear’s work.

Ken, Capitol Hill's Profile Image
Ken, Capitol Hill

Your technicians did a great job, thanks!

Kathleen, Mount Pleasant's Profile Image
Kathleen, Mount Pleasant

Your installers are the best contractors I’ve had in my home. They were polite and considerate, and so clean I wouldn’t have known they were there if I didn’t have new vents in my ceiling to prove it.

Jim, Chevy Chase D.C.'s Profile Image
Jim, Chevy Chase D.C.

Thanks for your quick response and repair of our heating system. It’s reassuring to work with a local D.C. contractor.

John T., Palisades's Profile Image
John T., Palisades

Thank you for being the excellent craftsmen that you are!

Tami, SE Capitol Hill's Profile Image
Tami, SE Capitol Hill

Thank you so much. You and your crew have been fantastic, and it has given me so much peace of mind to know you would always do what is right for my house.

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