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3 Electrical Problems That Occur in ACs

We think it’s important for homeowners to shift their perspectives a little bit. Instead of thinking about your air conditioner like some kind of separate machine from the rest of your household devices, think of the entire home as an ecosystem. Your air conditioning in Leesburg, VA depends not just on the airflow of your house, but also on the electrical system. Without proper electrical input, your air conditioner will be unable to function properly.

That’s why we see things like SEER ratings for air conditioners—these systems rely on efficient energy consumption in order to compress refrigerant and provide cool temperatures. We want to focus today on the boundary between your HVAC system and the electrical system that feeds into it. If you’re noticing tripping circuits, an AC that’s constantly shutting down, or other electrical issues, then you’re in the right place. All you need to do is keep reading and call us when you need help.

Problem #1: Tripping Circuits and an Unbalanced Electrical Load

If you’re starting to notice an influx of tripping circuits while you’re running your air conditioner, you could need an electrical upgrade.

For starters, your air conditioner could be requiring more electricity than your home can provide, leading to a tripped circuit and a number of appliances or devices not getting energy. Don’t worry! This isn’t your fault. Over the past few decades, our access to electrical devices has increased exponentially, which means we’re requiring more and more energy from the power grid. While the grid can absolutely supply that power, our homes might not be built to handle them if they’re old or outdated.

By calling our team for AC repair, we’ll figure out what the problem is. We’ll be able to either make the upgrades ourselves, or figure out the best way to move forward at the lowest cost.

Problem #2: A Failed Capacitor or Internal Component

Capacitors are vital for the cooling process because they signal the air conditioner to start cooling with an electrical charge. Without properly working capacitors, your air conditioner could keep running indefinitely, making your house too cold in the process. Or, the system could fail to start at all, leaving you stranded and hot when you least expect it.

Luckily, these are all electrical issues that can absolutely be fixed by a professional technician. We have access to the parts and equipment necessary to replace broken capacitors or an otherwise malfunctioning internal component.

Problem #3: A Frayed Wire or Other Electrical Concern

Not all electrical issues occurring within an air conditioner are as cut and dry as a single failed component. Sometimes the issue might be harder to locate, like a frayed wire or a failed circuit board that needs to be fixed. All of these problems are located inside of the air conditioner, which means they’re out of your hands and better suited for a team like us!

Remember, electrical problems could be causing you to lose energy efficiency, and the temperature to increase more than it should. Don’t try to fix this on your own since an electrical concern can also be a safety hazard. Just call our team and we’ll repair your system the right way.

Call Polar Bear Air Conditioning & Heating Inc. We’ve got what it takes to set your AC back on track.

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