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The 3 Most Common Types of Furnace Problems

Monday, March 11th, 2019

technician-inspecting-furnaceRegardless of whether the winter season just began or if you’re at the tail end of it, you should always keep an eye (and ear) out for furnace performance issues. But don’t worry—we’re not asking you to give your furnace an inspection every night. The most common furnace repair issues are pretty hard to ignore. If your furnace is suddenly doing a bad job or acting strangely, we urge you not to ignore it.

That all being said, here are some of the things you should pay extra close attention to:

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Here’s Why Your Furnace Is Faltering

Monday, January 14th, 2019

Now that winter is in full swing, the last thing you’d want is a faltering furnace. There are numerous things that can cause a furnace to malfunction, and luckily, there are many things that can be done to reverse it. So, if you have found yourself dealing with this type of situation, keep reading because today we will be discussing what causes a furnace to become inefficient or ineffective and what you can do to help!

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Is Your Furnace Too Noisy?

Monday, December 17th, 2018

If you find yourself wondering if your furnace is too noisy, the answer is probably “Yes.” Your furnace is not inherently noisy. In fact, the only noise you should hear coming from your furnace is the gentle whooshing of air through the vents once it is turned on. So, if you do hear any odd noises, you don’t want to take it with a grain of salt.

We never recommend attempting to diagnose the problem yourself. It is always better to contact an HVAC professional. They have both the experience and the equipment necessary to pinpoint the exact source of the issue and to come up with a plan to resolve it. Our friendly technicians at Polar Bear Air Conditioning & Heating are here to help you if you need furnace repair in Arlington, VA. 

Below, we have listed some of the sounds you definitely don’t want to hear your furnace making: 

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Is Your Furnace Showing Signs of Distress?

Monday, March 12th, 2018

furnace-wiringWe could all use some warm, sunny weather right about now, but chances are that you’re going to be running your heater for a while longer. It may be late in the season, but don’t let that convince you that you can afford to ignore any signs of trouble your home heating system may be exhibiting. Trust us when we tell you that your heater can break down just as easily at the end of the season as during any other time.

So how do you deal with heating problems before facing as serious a situation as a complete breakdown? Well, you can learn to recognize the signs that you need furnace repairs in McLean, VA, for starters. No furnace is ever going to be 100% reliable, though scheduling routine heating maintenance will certainly help it to get as close to that ideal as possible. We’re happy to tune-up your furnace for you, of course. But eventually, we’ll need to repair your system. Call us when you see these warning signs.

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Your Furnace Should Not Be Too Noisy

Monday, January 2nd, 2017

We know that it can be tempting to ignore signs of trouble with your heater, so long as it seems to be heating your home effectively. We have to recommend that you don’t do this, however, because we also know how lousy the results can be. If your furnace is making strange new sounds, you need to have the situation assessed by a trained professional.

Just call our number to ensure that this is the case. We know gas and electric furnaces inside and out. When you work with us, you can count on getting a great performance from your furnace in Alexandria, VA.

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What Can Make a Furnace Smell Like Burning?

Monday, February 8th, 2016

You turn on your heater, looking forward to settling in for the night and relaxing in a warm, cozy home after a long day at work. Before you know it, though, your house smells like burning! You don’t seem smoke, and you haven’t started making dinner yet, so what could it be? In fact, it could be your heater itself that is causing your house to smell like burning, and this in turn could signify a serious problem with your heater. Don’t panic, but definitely contact a professional heating technician right away. If you use a furnace in Alexandria to heat your home, and you smell burning when you turn it on, you could be dealing with one of the one of the following problems.

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Is My Furnace in Need of Repair?

Monday, January 11th, 2016

Furnaces are reliable heating system, but there is really no such thing as a 10o% reliable heater, furnace or otherwise. At some point, you are going to find that your furnace is incapable of operating in peak condition. You may even encounter a complete breakdown of the system. Whatever the issue, it is always best to schedule professional furnace repairs in Georgetown as soon as possible. This can help to minimize the risk of serious damages to your system.

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Furnace Repair FAQ: Why Doesn’t My Home Get Enough Heat?

Monday, September 29th, 2014

If your home seems uncomfortably cold no matter how high you set the thermostat, chances are something isn’t right with your heating system. There are a number of possible causes for heat loss in your home, but the most common is the furnace. Read on for a breakdown of possible problems with your furnace, and what to do about them.

Power/Ignition Issues

If no heat seems to be coming through the vents, your furnace may be having trouble igniting. The first thing to check is the pilot light. If the pilot light is lit, the problem is elsewhere. If the pilot light is out, it is recommended that you call a professional to re-light it for you. If the pilot light is on, but your furnace is not igniting, the gas valve may be closed. It is also possible that not enough gas is getting through the gas line and into the furnace. Due to the exact nature of determining the right amount of gas to flow into the furnace, it is best to call a professional to diagnose and fix the problem for you.

Delivery Issues

If your furnace is on but not delivering enough heat, the problem may be in the ducts. Check to make sure that heat is coming out of all the vents evenly across rooms. If one room is much colder or does not have heat coming out of it, it is very likely that you have a break in your ducts. Check your air filter as well, which should be located where the return air duct meets the furnace. The furnace repair may be as simple as cleaning or replacing your filter.

If you have checked all of these factors and your home still isn’t getting enough heat, it is time to call a professional.

Polar Bear Air Conditioning & Heating Inc. is the team to contact should you require any repairs for your furnace in the Alexandria, VA area. Call us today. 

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Air Duct Problems and Furnace Repair

Sunday, March 2nd, 2014

Furnace repair is sometimes not a simple process. Your home contains numerous elements that can help or hinder proper heating, but a good technician can usually deal with any component in the process that isn’t functioning as it should.  Take for example, the duct system that carries heated air from your furnace to the various rooms of your house. Air duct problems and furnace repair go hand in hand: when issues crop up in your air ducts, they invariably affect the way your furnace functions.

Air ducts carry the heated air form your furnace, which means they can affect your air en route if there are problems. The most obvious is a breach in the duct system which allows the heated air to escape and/or cooler air to enter into the ducts. Both conditions have the same effect: lowering the temperature of the heated air and forcing your furnace to work harder to compensate.

Similar issues can arise if the ducts become dented or build-up inside them reduces the air flow. Furnaces depend on a regular flow of air to raise the temperature in your house. When a blockage in the ducts reduces the flow, the furnace must again work harder: raising monthly costs and increasing the chances of a more serious breakdown in the future.

In addition, the environment around the ducts can cause problems. Say, for example, that a stretch of ducts lies in the crawlspace next to an outside wall. The cold surrounding air will cool the sides of the ducts, which will in turn cool the air inside. You can alleviate this problem by adding more insulation to the crawlspace, or by insulating the ducts directly.

Reliable heating repair services like Polar Bear Air Conditioning & Heating Inc. can help with these issues. Call us today to set up an appointment!

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Repair or Replace Your Existing Heating System

Tuesday, January 21st, 2014

Heating systems are designed to be run for many years, but sooner or later, you need to face the reality that a new system is necessary. You will have to decide whether you should repair or replace your existing heating system. It’s typically a case by case situation and you’ll need to decide for yourself it it’s worth it to repair a given system or simply install a new one. If you need any help with furnace repair in Arlington, VA, give Polar Bear Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc. a call.

That decision usually boils down to money, and how much you’ve spent on your existing heating system. If repair bills keep piling up and/or you’re dealing with a major cost to a given repair, you might prefer to consider a new system rather than sending good money after bad. Similarly, a furnace that has suffered from overall wear and tear might be due for a replacement, even if you don’t have any specific repairs. An inefficient heater with a lot of worn parts will use a lot more energy than it should to keep your home comfortable. As the months go by, those extra costs will add up until a newer, more efficient heater is really the only viable option.

Those issues can be compounded by the age of the system. In and of itself, an old heater doesn’t necessarily merit any replacement. If it’s functioning properly and you’ve kept it well maintained over the years, it can last well beyond its normal expiration date. On the other hand, if your heater is more than ten years old and you have to repair it a lot, or if it’s using more energy from month to month than it should, then its advanced age may be the final factor in deciding to install a new unit.

When asking whether to repair or replace your existing heating system, you can count on the experts at Polar Bear Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc. for advice. We handle furnace repair in Arlington, VA and we can help determine if your old unit is worth save or if a new one might be best. Give us a call to set up a consultation today. You’ll be glad that you did!

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