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Polar Bear Air Conditioning & Heating Inc. Blog

A High-Velocity Cooling System May Be Right for Your Home

Have you been making do with inefficient, insecure window units when cooling your home? Is your home old enough that it was simply designed without modern ductwork in mind? Well, you don’t have to settle for what window unit air conditioners can offer. Give a member of our staff a call for help in determining whether or not a high velocity air conditioning system is right for you. We excel in the design and installation of such systems, and we’ll ensure that your high velocity AC cools your home effectively without putting the integrity of your home’s design at risk.

What Is a High Velocity System?

Because we live in an area with so many old homes, high velocity systems in Washington, D.C. are actually quite common. These types of systems utilize small, flexible ductwork in order to deliver cooled air throughout a home. They can do the same for heated air, as well, as these systems can be setup to heat your residence as well. Because of the size and flexibility of the ductwork that these systems use, you don’t need the space and layout design that rigid ductwork would demand.

What Are the Other Benefits to Consider?

As mentioned, the biggest benefit of a high velocity system is that it can be installed in residences prohibitive to traditional ductwork. However, you should also note that these systems can remove more humidity from the air than traditional central air conditioners. They can also help to cool your home more evenly and effectively, as the velocity with which they distribute air allows for the successful mixture of the air in your home. This level of circulation helps to eliminate the development of hot spots throughout your home.

Give Polar Bear Air Conditioning & Heating Inc. a call today if you think that you could benefit from the use of a high velocity system in your home. 

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