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Arlington, VA Air Conditioning Installation Tips: Choosing the Right System

Are you tired of paying to repair your old AC on a regular basis? Do you need a new cooling solution for your new home? Whatever your reasons for needing an air conditioning installation, you need to ensure that you get the right system for your home. This depends on numerous factors, some of which we’d like to explore in today’s post. But the most important factor is the quality of the installation itself, which should always be performed by a qualified technician. If you’re in need of air conditioning installation in Arlington, VA, call Polar Bear today!

  • Size. Bigger is not better when it comes to air conditioning. Installing the largest system you can get your hands irrespective of the size of your home will not give you even more or better performance. In fact, a system that is too large can lead to inefficient cooling, uncontrollable temperatures, and even system damage because of all the short cycling. On the other hand, a system that is too small leads to inadequate cooling performance and a system that is constantly overworking itself to get by, which can also lead to system damage. Make sure your AC fits your home.
  • Type. You’ll need to decide what type of system you want to have in your home. The central air split system is the most popular throughout the country. It involves the installation of an outdoor compressor/condenser and an indoor air handler/evaporator. These units are connects to each by a lineset, and the cooling circuit uses the temperature changes of a circulating refrigerant to remove thermal energy from your home and send cool air into your home. There is also the option of a packaged system, which house all of the components in one outdoor unit. This allows for easy access during maintenance and repairs.
  • Other considerations. Installing a digital, programmable thermostat and enrolling in a preventive maintenance program at the time of installation are both great ways to ensure that your system does not go neglected.

If you need a professional, quality air conditioning installation in Arlington, VA, look no further than the experts at Polar Bear. Call us today! 

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