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Polar Bear Air Conditioning & Heating Inc. Blog

Problems That a Dirty Air Filter Can Cause

It is imperative that you schedule routine air conditioning maintenance in Washington, D.C. if you want your air conditioner to function properly. You must remember, though, that counting on your AC technician to clean or replace your air filter during this annual service is just not sufficient. Yes, he or she will do this during the maintenance visit. However, your air filter needs to be changed much more frequently than just once a year. That is why it is so important that you remember to do so on your own as needed.

Ideally, you should change your heater every month or once every six weeks. This will vary with environment conditions and usage habits, though. Essentially, you should be simply be changing your air filter when it’s dirty. Contact Polar Bear Air Conditioning & Heating Inc. with any questions that you may have. 

Low Airflow

If your air filter is very dirty, because it is not changed frequently enough, then your HVAC system is going to have a tough time in forcing air through it. This can result in increased energy costs, as your system works harder than it should have to in order to distribute conditioned air throughout your home.

Icing of the System

If there is not sufficient airflow in your system, then it is possible for your coils to freeze up. This ice can act as an insulator, which in turn will seriously inhibit your air conditioner’s ability to do its job effectively. Ultimately, you may wind up paying more money for a lesser performance from your AC.

Reduced Indoor Air Quality

Another serious issue that a very dirty filter can lead to is subpar indoor air quality throughout your home. Your system is going to force air into your household, regardless of whether or not the filter is clean or how hard it must work to do so. This can result in polluted air being forced around the filter. Avoid these issues and live in greater comfort by changing your air filter regularly.

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