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Washington D.C. Air Conditioning and Air Quality Issues

Air conditioning and air quality often go hand in hand, just like heat and humidity. In Washington D.C., we rely on our air conditioning to provide crisp, cool air so that when we come home after a long day, we can enjoy respite from the hot sun outside. Your air conditioner provides some dehumidification in the process, and its air filter does remove some of the pollutants that can find their way into your home living space, but in order to improve your total comfort, you need to ensure that your indoor air quality is high during the cooling season. In this post, we’d like to address this relation by recommending some ways you can improve both your air conditioning and your indoor air quality. For Washington D.C. air conditioning services, call the experts at Polar Bear Air Conditioning today!

  • Air filtration: Your air conditioner’s air filter is designed to prevent dust and debris from ruining the mechanical parts of your air conditioning system. While this provides some air filtration for your indoor air, it is not designed to provide comprehensive air filtration, which may be necessary if your home suffers from contaminants and pollutants, such as pollen, dander, bacteria, and dust mites. Consult with an air filtration and air cleaner expert to see which whole-home option would be best for you.
  • UV germicidal lights: Ultraviolet light destroys microorganisms before they enter your ductwork. UV germicidal lights are a relatively simple device, although they require professional installation to work correctly. They are installed directly into your air handler.
  • Enroll in a maintenance program: Professional inspection, cleaning, and tune-ups are the best ways to keep your air conditioning working well and your air quality high. By enrolling in a preventive maintenance program, you are ensuring that your system is always working as efficiently and effectively as possible.

While our modern homes are energy efficient, they often prevent adequate ventilation. The EPA lists indoor air pollution as one of the top 5 environmental risks to our health. For Washington D.C. air conditioning and indoor air quality services, call the experts at Polar Bear Air Conditioning today!

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