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3 Heating Problems You Never Want to Run Into

Winters are for cozy blankets and warm cups of cocoa, not sudden heating system meltdowns. In this guide, we’ll uncover three heating problems that can turn winter bliss into a chilly nightmare. We’ll talk about the main heating problems you’ll encounter that have you calling for heating repair in Washington DC and why you definitely don’t want to run into them.

Unsettling Furnace Noises and Groans

Ever heard your furnace make some odd clanking noises or loud banging sounds? Maybe the metal sounds like it’s groaning? These noises can range from minor disturbances to disconcerting booms that cause alarm.

Noises such as constant rattling could be a loose screw, while banging noises can be an ignition-related problem. That, or your heat exchanger could be cracked, which is something else you really don’t want. When your furnace doesn’t make the sounds that it normally makes, you need to get it checked out.

Steady and Stealthy Rise of Your Energy Bill

When your energy bill starts cranking up, it’s upsetting. But it’s also a mystery, because you’re not doing anything different than you were last month, or the month before that. So what gives?

Your heating system could be overworking itself just to meet your reasonable demand that you set on the thermostat. When your heater encounters some struggles, it still has to work to heat your home, so it will work through damage and inefficiencies without signaling that anything is wrong. This is why annual maintenance/tune-ups are important–they keep your machine running as efficiently as possible.

Cold Spots in Specific Rooms

When your home has a few cold spots here and there, it makes you not want to spend time in those rooms, especially when it’s frigid outside. That cold spot might not be a draft coming in from the outdoors, though–it could simply be your ductwork.

While it’s not an issue with the furnace itself, what good is a furnace if it can’t deliver warm air throughout your home in the first place? Your ductwork could have leaks in it that dump that warm air into your attic, walls, or whatever your ductwork is running through your home. Then the warm air doesn’t reach your room, and it feels like the furnace just isn’t powerful enough, even though that’s not the case.

It’s Repair Time

Repairs can’t wait. If your furnace (or your ductwork) isn’t doing what it’s supposed to, you need to call the professionals to come in and figure out what the problem is. We’ll trace it down to the root cause, fix the problem, and help you get set up with annual maintenance to hopefully prevent this problem from happening again in the future.

Contact us today to schedule your heating repair as soon as possible.

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