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A Few Items to Check if Your Heater Stops Working

It’s a cold night outside, and suddenly you realize that the temperature throughout your home is plummeting. You realize that your heating system has, in fact, stopped running at some point. What do you do? Sure, you can call a heating technician to schedule emergency heating repairs, but we recommend that you check for a few potential causes of the problem that can be easily resolved before deciding that such action is necessary. There are some very simple reasons as to why your heater may “fail.” Before calling in a trained professional to complete heating repairs in Washington, DC, take a moment to rule out these simple issues. 

Improper Thermostat Settings

We all make mistakes and, while setting your thermostat may seem like an automatic response, it is very possible that it has simply not been set properly. If it’s been switched to just run a fan, for instance, or if your thermostat has accidentally been shut off entirely, then you may mistakenly believe that your system is broken down. It’s probably a precaution that you would take anyway in such a situation, but it is advisable to double check your thermostat settings before you call to schedule heating repairs.

Emergency Shut-Off

If you have an emergency shut-off switch for your heating system, which is often located near the basement door and covered with a red face plate, then it is also possible that this switch has been flipped. It operates just like a light switch, and it is easy to brush up against if it is located in a heavily trafficked area. Again, you don’t need to be scheduling emergency heating repairs just to have this switch flipped into the on position.

Remember to Check the Circuit Breaker

Sometimes the most obvious solution is the correct one, though when worrying about a broken down heater you may not immediately rush downstairs to check the circuit breaker. But you should. While your HVAC system should be on a designated circuit, in order to accommodate its power demands, it is still possible for this breaker to trip. We always appreciate your business, but resetting a circuit breaker is probably something that you can handle on your own.

Should you have any questions, or require heating services of any kind, contact the professionals here at Polar Bear Air Conditioning & Heating Inc.

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