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Is a Rumbling Sound a Sign for Boiler Repair in Alexandria, VA?

Boilers operate with little noise, which is one of the reasons homeowners still find them attractive options for winter heating. Using the mostly silent action of circulating heated water through a house to cast iron radiators or baseboard radiators, boilers go about their business of keeping people warm through the cold months without distracting sounds.

When a boiler does start to make loud noises, it’s usually a warning sign that the system requires repairs. Among these cautionary sounds is the noise of rumbling from the tank. There are a number of different reasons for this to occur, which we’ll go over here. All of these problems require trained technicians to fix, so make sure you call up a company with experience, like Polar Bear Air Conditioning & Heating Inc., to handle your boiler repair in Alexandria, VA.

Why your boiler might be rumbling

  • Mixing of hot and cold water: The water tank of a boiler should stay at an even temperature, with cold water gradually enterinh from the bottom of the tank at a steady rate. If the mixing valve on the tank breaks, however, too much cold water will start to enter and begin to mix with the hot water, which will create that rumbling noise and force the boiler to work harder, leading to repairs.
  • Excess sediment in the tank: Depending on your water supply, it is possible for sediment to enter the water tank. It will sink to the bottom and begin to build up until it starts to reduce the available water volume. When this happens, the water will begin to overheat, leading to a dangerous spike in water pressure and subsequent leaks throughout the system. A technician can flush the tank to eliminate this problem. (You should have the system flushed once a year, no matter what, during regular maintenance.)
  • Scale from hard water: Hard water—water with high levels of calcium, magnesium, and other minerals—can have a damaging effect on your boiler. The high temperature in the boiler will cause limescale to form from the minerals in hard water, and this will begin to build up on the inside of the tank. Scale is an insulator, so too much of it will trap extra heat inside the tank, leading to overheating and the numerous problems it brings. Repairs can de-scale the tank to make it safe again.

Regular maintenance can help

Always call for repairs as soon as you hear any unusual sound from your boiler; don’t wait for the problem to grow worse. However, you can avoid issues in the future by scheduling regular maintenance for your boiler with a trusted contractor. Polar Bear Air Conditioning & Heating Inc. offers a maintenance program that will take care of your heating system so you won’t have to worry as much about boiler repair in Alexandria, VA in the future.

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