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Leaking, Freezing, Screeching… What Gives?

We can’t deny that boilers are some of the most durable and incredible heating systems on the market. They last longer than forced-air systems, they arguably produce better warmth, and they’re overall easy to maintain. However, this doesn’t run true for every boiler.

Boilers have their own unique problems. From freezing sections to producing leaks, and eventually problems that give off awful noises like screeching, a boiler can be very clear when it needs help. Luckily, you don’t need to search very far!

Our team provides sensible, affordable, and fast boiler repair in Alexandria, VA. We target the root of your problem, whether it’s just a leak or it’s corrosion on the interior of your boiler system. We’ll fix it and make sure that your heating system is set up for long-term success. While you wait for our help, let’s talk about some of the unique problems that boilers face.

Unique Boiler Problems

In order to understand what kinds of problems you might face being a boiler owner, it’s important to know why these issues are unique. Forced-air systems like gas furnaces deal with their own types of problems, and the big difference is the fact that boilers deal with water. While water might transfer heat incredibly well throughout your home, it can cause problems that air doesn’t, such as leaks and frozen pipes. Let’s get to the heart of the issue.


You’d be hard-pressed to find a boiler system that hasn’t had its fair share of leaks. While boilers and the interlocking pipelines that connect to them aren’t supposed to leak, they absolutely can leak and start causing problems for your home. When undetected, you can see mold growth and the deterioration of your boiler system as it tries to heat your home with less water. Even when detected, these leaks can be a hassle.

Frozen Pipes

You might be wondering to yourself, “how can my boiler freeze if it’s supposed to create heat?” While that’s a great question, the answer is quite simple. Boilers have to produce a lot of heat to circulate hot water throughout your home. After 10 years or more, a boiler can start to struggle when trying to heat certain areas of your home on the coldest winter or spring nights. Sometimes, those specific pipes can get blocked up from sediment build-up and start getting too cold. Eventually, you’ll see a pipe leak as your boiler tries to heat that area of the house but just can’t. Frozen pipes can quickly turn into burst pipes if you’re not careful, so get this problem addressed ASAP.

Screeching Noises and Other Pressure Problems

Boilers have to keep water pressurized, at a specific temperature, and they need to push the water through your home in order to have everything produce the right amount of heat. This can cause problems that lead to screeching (pressure building up to levels that are too high and steam starts escaping) and other issues. If your boiler is making any type of uncomfortable noise, make sure you call us for help.

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