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Some Boiler Sounds to Listen For

Your boiler may not operate completely silently, but it shouldn’t be too far off. If you hear new, unfamiliar sounds from your boiler, it is possible that your boiler is malfunctioning in some way. Because any such problems could create a potentially dangerous situation, you should alert a professional boiler technician as soon as possible. We can figure out why your boiler in Washington, DC is making strange sounds, and we can figure out precisely how best to resolve the problem.

  • Loud booming at startup. Does your boiler make a loud “boom” when it cycles on? If so, you could have a problem with delayed ignition of its fuel. Too much fuel can build up in the combustion chamber, causing a small, contained explosion within. Obviously, you don’t want your boiler to be igniting any more fuel than it should be. Correcting this problem can eliminate the risk of damage to your system, a dangerous situation in your home.
  • Rumbling or boiling sounds. If your boiler is making a rumbling sound during operation, it may actually be boiling water at the bottom of the tank. Why? Most likely because a layer of scale is causing the water beneath it to heat up too much. Your boiler may need to be flushed out and its scale removed in order to restore proper operation. This can help it to function more efficiently, too.
  • Whistling sounds. Is your boiler whistling at you while it heats your home? If so, it could be the result of kettling. However, you may also have air trapped in the system. Having a professional bleed this air out of your boiler can help to resolve the issue.

Ultimately, any irregularity with your boiler or its operation is cause for concern. Never ignore potential signs of trouble. Doing so puts your boiler and your comfort, not to mention your safety, at risk.

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