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Washington DC Boiler Question: How Does a Boiler Heat a Home?

Many homeowners swear by the efficient, effective performance of their boilers. There is a reason that boiler heating systems have been so popular for as long as they have, after all. With a professional boiler installation and routine maintenance you can enjoy years of comfortable, even heating service from your boiler. They have few moving parts and are incredibly durable, making a boiler a great investment for your Washington DC home. Like most homeowners, though, we’re guessing that some of you do not actually know how a boiler heats a home. Here is some basic information from Polar Bear Air Conditioning & Heating.

The operation of a boiler is actually very simple. The boiler itself is really just a tank containing water. A separate component of the boiler system, the burner, is to burn the fuel that will heat the water within the boiler. One of the greatest benefits of a boiler installation is the fact that there are a number of fuel source options available. The fuel is mixed with air and ignited, allowing the boiler and the water within to heat up to create hot water or steam.

Once the water has reached the appropriate heat level, it is ready for circulation throughout the home. In a hydronic heating system hot water is distributed throughout your home through a piping system. Radiators or baseboards may also be used to distribute the heat a boiler creates throughout a building. The result is even, efficient radiant heating. Unlike a furnace depending on forced air to circulate heat, boilers do not stir up the air in your home. This is an added benefit to residents with allergies or asthma symptoms for whom airborne pollutants can be an aggravating concern.

For more information on your boiler options and their operation, contact Polar Bear Air Conditioning & Heating. We have the answers to all your questions. Let us handle the installation, maintenance and repair of your boiler heating system in Washington DC.

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