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Washington DC Heating FAQ: Is a Boiler Installation the Best Option for My Home?

If you are trying to decide whether boiler system is right for you, the Washington DC heating specialists at Polar Bear have are here to help. Aside from the durability of the new high-efficiency boiler systems, heating with a boiler is also a clean and reliable way to heat your home. While there are a few potential disadvantages, overall they are gaining popularity as a viable heating option for homeowners throughout the area.

Hot Water Boiler Maintenance

As with any heating system, a hot water boiler system should be tuned regularly—ideally, once a year, and before the heating season begins. This will help to ensure worry-free and lasting performance from your boiler system. The main components that will need to be checked by the homeowner are the pressure gauge, safety valves, and water levels.

All other routine maintenance should be handled by a professional heating technician. The technician will also check the radiators or other heating elements used in the system. Because there are no air filters to change or ductwork to clean, hot water boilers are ideal for people who want a low-maintenance heating system.

Making an Informed Decision

Whether you are replacing an older boiler or installing a heating system for a new home, always speak with a Washington DC heating contractor you can trust. This will help to ensure that you feel confident about your decision. At Polar Bear, our Washington DC boiler experts are here to answer questions and go over your options. Call us any time if you have further questions or would like a technician to come out and inspect your current heating system.

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