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Polar Bear Air Conditioning & Heating Inc. Blog

What’s Your Biggest Heating Woe?

People who don’t interact with the HVAC world very often think their problems are one of a kind. They think that their heater is exhibiting some kind of abnormal issue that will be extremely difficult to diagnose for a professional. That’s why people are driven to look at online solutions so ofte—they think their unique case requires some serious internet sleuthing in order to find what the real problem is.

Well, we hate to break this to you, but your heater problem is most likely a common one we see. Heater repair in Alexandria, VA might be complicated enough to warrant professional help, but it’s not so complex that you need a peer-reviewed journal to tell you what’s really going on.

Tell us what your biggest heating woe is and we promise we’ll fix it, regardless of how complex you think it is.

“My Heater Makes These Strange Noises!”

Noises are a pretty clear sign that a heater is having problems. That being said, noises are some of the quickest ways for homeowners to think their problem is one of a kind. You’ve probably never heard a heater make a booming noise, or a shrieking noise before, right? You’ve only heard those kinds of noises in horror movies or in a situation where something was unsafe.

First of all, don’t worry. We hear these kinds of noises all the time. Booming, for instance, is a common occurrence when grime builds up on the burner of a furnace. By cleaning off the grime and getting your system maintained, we can ensure it stops making such a disconcerting noise. Shrieking can be a bit more serious of a problem, but its usually preceded by something else that causes the system to shriek. Basically, what we’re trying to say is that we’ve seen these kinds of issues before and we can absolutely help your heater.

“My Bills Are Getting Unbearable”

When you purchased your heater, you probably were happy with the monthly bills it gave you. Over time however, you’ve probably gotten annoyed at the steady increase in how much you have to pay for fuel or energy costs. This isn’t as uncommon of a problem as you’d think. As heaters run into problems or are not maintained enough, they can start to consume more energy and run up your bills. This is absolutely something that can be fixed, you just need to call for professional help.

“It’s Not Really Working Like It Used to”

We get it. You’ve got good memories of your furnace blasting heat into your home in the good old days. It’s just not working as well as it used to and you can feel it. Lukewarm air is the only thing that comes out of your vents now and no matter what you do, the temperature on your thermostat is a little too low for comfort.

We can’t stress enough that these problems are more common than you think. Our team can and will help remedy these issues as long as you call us promptly!

Contact Polar Bear Air Conditioning & Heating Inc. for help with your heater.

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