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Why Choose Natural Gas Over Heating Oil?

The heaters in our area have already been fired up and running for a few weeks now. It’s set to be a long, cold winter, so we hope that you’ve scheduled routine heating maintenance already. There is another consideration to make. Are you going to continue using oil to heat your home?

Because oil prices have fallen substantially, some homeowners who have considered converting to natural gas are rethinking their stance. Those doing so may want to rethink that rethinking, though. We encourage homeowners to go ahead with their oil to gas conversion in Arlington, VA.

Why Convert When Oil Prices Are Low?

It’s true that falling oil prices have closed the gap between oil and natural gas costs. However, natural gas is still the cheaper of the two fuel options. “Okay,” you may be thinking, “but is it enough to justify the conversion to natural gas?” We believe so for a number of reasons.

Natural gas simply does not fluctuate in price as much as oil does. Oil is famously volatile in terms of price, and it is very likely that, before long, the gap between oil and the more stable prices of natural gas will widen once more.

If that is not enough to convince you, keep in mind the added benefits of natural gas. It burns cleaner and hotter than oil, for instance. You can use it not only for heating your home, but for cooking, heating water, and even fueling your clothes dryer. There is no need for on-site storage, because natural gas is piped directly to your home. Initial system costs are cheaper with natural gas systems.

If you ask us, natural gas is the way to go. We install and service quality natural gas heating systems, including boilers and furnaces. Contact us to learn more about available options.

Polar Bear Air Conditioning & Heating Inc. is here for all of your heating needs.

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