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Why Does my Furnace Pilot Light Keep Going Out?

Does the pilot light keep going out on the furnace in your Washington DC area home? Here are a few possible reasons your pilot light could go out and what to do about them. If none of these suggestions work, call Polar Bear Air Conditioning & Heating Inc. for help.

Down Drafts Causing Pilot Light to Go Out

If your furnace vents through a chimney, always check first for the potential of a down draft causing the light to go out. This could happen if the light tends to go out on windy days. The chimney design could also be causing the problem. Check to see if it is high enough, and that it has a proper chimney cap installed at the top.

Clogged or Dirty Pilot Valve

Once you’ve made sure that there are no down drafts, have a professional check the pilot light gas valve to make sure that it isn’t clogged in any way. They will also check to see if it is adjusted properly. One of our technicians can answer any further questions about how to operate the pilot valve and controls.

Not Enough Gas Pressure

Your technician also check gas pressure while the furnace is on to see if the pressure has dropped. If it has dropped, this could easily cause the pilot light to go out.

Always call a professional HVAC contractor you can trust to handle repairs for any type of gas heating system in your home. Call the furnace experts at Polar Bear Air Conditioning & Heating Inc. of Washington DC any time you need a furnace repair or tune-up.

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