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Springtime Efficiency Tips: Arlington Edition


Happy springtime! In our area, it’s an incredibly gorgeous time of year. Flowers are blooming and the weather is absolutely perfect. It can be easy to just spend every possible minute outdoors and forget about your home’s springtime needs. But there are some things you should be aware of when it comes to your HVAC system this time of year.

HVAC efficiency is critical to making sure you don’t spend far more money on your utility bills than you should have to. And conserving energy is critical for the environment. So, in the Arlington area, what should you be doing during the spring to keep up your HVAC system’s efficiency? We’ll tell you.

Keep Weatherization in Place

Overnight temperatures will continue to be quite chilly in the coming weeks. This means that your heat will continue to run, at least during the night, for quite some time. Even if you do want to let some fresh air into the house—and of course you do—don’t forget to close things up tight before bed.

Continuing to use any insulated window coverings or door snakes and waiting a bit longer to remove the weather stripping from your windows will help keep the heat in at night. This way, your heating system won’t have to run as much and won’t use as much energy.

Don’t Forget Your Air Filter

Even when you’re not using your furnace as much of the time, you will still be using it. This means air is being pulled through the system, and the particles in that air will be getting caught in your furnace’s air filter. You might not need to change it as often as you did during the depths of winter, but you should still check on it and change it as needed, perhaps only once or twice during the spring.

Prepare Your AC Unit for Summer

We know, we’ve been telling you how important your heating system will continue to be during the spring. But in the grand scheme of things, it won’t really be that long before you’ll need your air conditioner to be up and running. And you don’t want it to be in poor shape and running inefficiently when that first hot day hits.

What you should do yourself is to clean up the outdoor unit. Trim back any shrubs or trees that have gotten too close and might interfere with good airflow. Rake away any leaf litter or other debris that has blown against the unit during the past months. And take your garden hose, without a high-pressure nozzle, and give the unit a gentle wash down.

What you should have professionally done is annual AC maintenance. You’ll need the help of an expert in all things HVAC in Arlington, VA to get the job done properly. They’ll clean, lubricate, inspect, and test all parts of the air conditioner, helping it to run as efficiently as possible. They can also answer any questions you have about how to improve your HVAC efficiency during the coming summer.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment or ask any questions you have about your home’s HVAC system.

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