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Polar Bear Air Conditioning & Heating Inc. Blog

3 Indicators That You Need an Air Cleaner

As important as it is that you are able to maintain comfortable temperatures throughout your home all year long, it is also important that you not underestimate the immense influence that the quality of the air in your home can have on your overall comfort. If you want to know for certain that you are breathing air of the highest quality, you may find that help is needed in your home. That is when you should contact the skilled indoor air quality technicians on our staff. Not only do our technicians have the skill and expertise necessary to install and service exceptional air cleaners in Washington, D.C., but they also have the knowledge necessary to ensure that you are using the right equipment in the first place. Contact Polar Bear Air Conditioning & Heating Inc., today if you are serious about boosting the quality of the air in your home. 

Trouble Keeping Your Home Free of Dust and Dirt

We’re not saying that you should vacuum and dust your home every day, but chances are that you make an effort to keep your home relatively clean, busy as you may be. If you are keeping up with your regular cleaning regimen, but find that you are unable to keep up with the accumulation of dust and dirt on your floors or surfaces throughout the house, it may be due to pollutants from the air in your home settling to the ground. Using an electronic air cleaner can help to alleviate the situation.

Aggravated Allergy and/or Asthma Symptoms

If you have residents in your home suffering from seasonal allergies, asthma, or respiratory issues, maintaining air of a high quality really should be a top priority. Having a high concentration of pollutants floating around in the air surrounding them can seriously aggravate their symptoms. They can live more healthfully and comfortably by using an air cleaner, of course.

Reduced Heating and Cooling Efficiency

This one may sound a bit out of place, but poor indoor air quality can be as detrimental your heating and cooling budget as to your comfort and health. Pollutants can clog up air filters in HVAC systems, and build up on sensitive components therein. This can strain the system, leading it to consume more energy than it should have to. Avoiding such problems is just another way in which the use of an cleaner can benefit you.

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