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A Guide to Your Air Cleaner Options

Clean air is something that is gravely misunderstood in our industry. Homeowners will often call their local HVAC professionals to have a new AC or heater installed but they won’t even think about looking into their indoor air quality. While sure, some of these systems are expensive and with homeowners being on tight budgets these days, it’s understandable that you need to pick and choose what systems are right for your home. Many of these systems are fairly affordable though.

So, in light of trying to spread some awareness about indoor air quality, the cleanliness of our homes, and how to keep each other safe and comfortable, we’re going to talk a bit about the air cleaning options out there on the market. Remember, if any of these options sound good to you, call our team for Leesburg air cleaner installation today!

Air Purification and Filtration

Air cleaners and air purifiers generally mean the same thing with only one slight difference. Air purifiers just purify your air, while air cleaners purify and filter your air through a two-part system. We advise homeowners to invest in an air cleaner if they can because both air filtration and air purification are necessary for the cleanliness of your home. Let us explain:

Air Purification

Air purifiers can scrub your air clean of harmful microorganisms, or at least render them harmless to you and your family. UV air purifiers are the type of system that we recommend, since they use ultraviolet light to disrupt the DNA of mold, virus, or bacteria cells, essentially destroying them. Without an air purifier, you risk the chance of breathing in germs that are hard to get out of your home. No amount of cleaning supplies or chemicals will keep those cells at bay, especially if they exist in your air ducts. The first step you should take when considering your air cleaning options it to look into air purification technology.

Air Filtration

What about particles that aren’t alive but still cause harm? Particles like dust, debris, pet dander, dirt, and other materials can be a huge drain on your quality of life while being immune to air purification. That’s where air filters come in!

An air filtration system utilizes a filter that’s microscopic in length, so it catches even the tiniest of particles while allowing for the air to go through. Unfortunately, the only types of particles that can snake their way through an air filtration system are things like germs and viruses. Your air could be filtered from harmful particles that would make you cough or sneeze, but it could still be dangerous and in need of air purification.

Invest in an Air Cleaner Today

Combine the strengths of both an air purification system and an air filtration unit with one of our air cleaners. With our team, we like to tackle problems at their source, and air cleaners are a complete solution to your indoor air quality issues. Don’t deal with poor air anymore, call our team today.

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