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How UV Germicidal Lights Help Indoor Air Quality

UV Germicidal lights are an upgrade to your heating and air conditioning system that helps keep your air clean. With one installed in your system, you can expect a significant upgrade in your indoor air quality, with all of the advantages that provides. In matters of indoor air quality, Alexandria has experts who can help install UV germicidal lights in your system. Here’s a quick breakdown of how UV germicidal lights help indoor air quality.

UV Germicidal Lights & Indoor Air Quality

As the title implies, the lights eliminate germs in the air rather than dirt. UV light lies beyond the range of human eyesight, but the particular wavelength proves lethal to bacteria and other kinds of germs. The wavelength damages the nucleic acid of those tiny organisms. As a result, bonds form in the organism’s DNA, which prevents the DNA from being “unzipped.” As a result, the bacteria can’t replicate and spread. In fact, when it tries to reproduce, it dies.

We don’t need to tell you how that can help your indoor air quality. No more bacteria means a severe reduction in the risk of colds, flus or other diseases. With it, you’ll find yourself becoming sick less often. Your air will be cleaner and your family will be healthier and safer as a result. This is especially true for people who are vulnerable to colds: those in delicate health and/or the elderly. If a baby is on the way or you have a newborn in your house, a UV germicidal light is a perfect way to keep him or her safe and free of colds or other sicknesses. Best of all, UV germicidal lights do all this without any toxic chemicals or compounds, making it an extremely safe way to eliminated germs.

UV germicidal lights help indoor air quality best when connected to a central air system: the perfect point to process the air that goes through your home.

If you want to use such a system to improve your indoor air quality, Alexandria has help with the experts at Polar Bear Air Conditioning & Heating Inc. We have the skills to install a UV light in your system with a minimum of fuss so give us a call today!

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