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Should I Use a Humidifier When Cooling My Home?

During the hottest time of the year, you rely upon your air conditioner to keep your home cool and comfortable. However, you must remember that the overall quality of the air in your home is really just as important to your comfort as the temperature of the air in your home is. That is why you may want to team your air conditioner up with a whole-house humidifier in Washington, D.C. Even if the air outside is hot and humid, after all, you may find that the air within your home is too dry. This can prove to be detrimental for a few different reasons, so contact us if you suspect the need for more humidification. 

Your Air Conditioner Can Dry Out the Air

As anyone who has dealt with oppressively high humidity levels in his or her home can tell you, an air conditioner is not really an effective whole-house dehumidifier. However, while this is not its main purpose, your home cooling system certainly will draw some moisture out of the air as it operates. This moisture is drained out of your home via a condensate drain pan and line. The issue is that, during the summer, we are running our ACs pretty much around the clock. As a result, the air in our homes may become too dry. A whole-house humidifier is the most effective way in which to avoid this problem.

If you have used a humidifier in the past, you may be aware of the fact that there are portable models available. Because your AC is drying out the air in your home, though, and because your AC cools your entire house, a whole-house dehumidifier is a much more preferable option. You won’t have to worry about moving the humidifier all over the place, and you won’t have to continually fill it with water. Plus, you can use it in the winter as well, when cold, dry air hits once more.

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