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Polar Bear Air Conditioning & Heating Inc. Blog

Signs That You Need a Humidifier in Your Home

It would be great to know that you can just walk into your home and be met with the most comfortable, healthful environment possible. Of course, we know that this is not the case. Attaining and maintaining such an environment can take a considerable amount of work, and will likely require that you invest in certain products and services to ensure not only that your home is comfortable in terms of temperature, but also that the air quality therein is optimal.

A common problem that many homeowners face is a houseful of air that is simply to dry for comfort or for ideal health conditions. Fortunately, a whole-house humidifier is an effective and convenient way in which to resolve such problems.  Contact Polar Bear Air Conditioning & Heating Inc., today if you suspect that you could benefit from the use of a humidifier in your Washington, DC, area home. 

Among the most evident signs that the air in your home is too dry is the impact that this dry air will have on your body. When the air surrounding you is very dry, it is possible and likely that your skin will dry out as well. This can lead to itchy and even cracking or splitting skin. Injecting the air around you with a sufficient level of humidity can help you to resolve such issues. You may even experience frequent sore throats and/or bloody noses if the air in your home is too dry. Plus, you may simply be uncomfortable, as very dry air does not hold heat well. This is not a concern in the summer, of course, but can be problematic later in the year.

The issues stemming from very dry air are not limited to those inflicted upon one’s body, though. You may also find signs of trouble with your property itself. Wooden floorboards and furniture can split and crack, pain can chip, and annoying static shocks can put sensitive electronics and computer equipment at risk. The bottom line is that you should contact a member of our staff to have your home outfitted with a humidifier if you suspect that the air in your home is simply too dry.


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