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3 Noises You Never Want Your AC to Make

How is your air conditioner doing? Is it causing you to cover your ears multiple times a day because of a noisy problem? Or is it running silently in the background while you enjoy time with your friends and family. Most houses lie somewhere in between.

Your home could be dealing with a particular problem that you’re detecting through sound, and today we’d like to talk about some of these sounds. Noises coming from your air conditioner are never good, but some are much worse than others. That’s why our team is available for AC repair in Arlington, VA to help you alleviate the problem and get your home back to normal.

Keep reading as we decrypt these puzzling noises coming from your AC. If you detect one of these loud or uncomfortable noises, you should shut your system off and seek help immediately.

A Banging Noise

Banging noises can be pretty hard to listen to, and even more so when you know what’s going on. Whether it’s banging, clanging, rattling, or just some kind of abrasive noise, it usually denotes a part of your air conditioner that has gotten loose. Similarly, it could be that your compressor has been tilted off-kilter or gotten loose as well. This is pretty bad since one wrong cycle and your compressor could break, leading to a completely useless air conditioning system.

The most sensitive parts of your air conditioner are your compressor and the components within it. They need to be maintained properly and fixed when they start exhibiting signs of breaking or coming loose. If something is banging inside your air conditioner, fix it before the system falls apart completely.

Hissing or Bubbling

This is a pretty common sound that we talk about often on this blog, but the repetition is only because of how important it is to have addressed!

Hissing or bubbling noises tend to signify that your air conditioner is leaking refrigerant. When it makes a hissing noise, this is the sound of refrigerant in the form of a gas escaping the lines into the atmosphere. The bubbling noise can occur in the liquid lines of refrigerant, as oxygen bubbles begin to form. Regardless of which noise you’re hearing, you should never leave this noise to continue.


A screeching sound can be a little disheartening. Sometimes the screeching can sound more like metal on metal, or like a loud grinding noise. When the noise gets that loud, it can be hard to tell exactly what is going on.

That being said, the noise could be coming from a variety of different issues. Your blower fan motor could be dealing with a faulty bearing, causing the system to start grinding against itself. Or, if the motor inside your system’s compressor gives out, it can start screeching every time you turn on the air conditioning.

Basically, if your air conditioner is screeching, shut it down and call for help. There’s no better solution in this situation.

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