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When Should I Replace My AC?

That’s a very good question. The truth is that the answer depends heavily on your specific situation, the condition of your air conditioner, and your unique comfort needs. All of these things can be figured out with just a little bit of leg-work and the help of a trained professional.

Today, we’re going to focus primarily on some qualities that will cause you to think about replacement as a viable option for your cooling system. If any of the following can be applicable to your situation, then replacement might be a more cost-effective solution than simply calling for repairs. Things like an aging air conditioner, frequent repair needs, and constantly rising energy bills can be a sign that your AC has met the end of its lifespan and you’re better off saving money in the future with a new unit.

Well, let’s get into it!

Reasons to Think About Replacement

An air conditioner, believe it or not, has a lifespan. Most AC models last between 10-15 years maximum. Any system that goes beyond this point can start impacting your life in some serious ways. It will require expensive part replacements, it will run up your energy bill dramatically, and it could sporadically break down due to wear and tear. Replacements are a proactive solution to this kind of problem, so you stay comfortable and your budget remains in tact. Here are some reasons to think about replacement:

  • It’s getting old. As we mentioned earlier, an air conditioner that reaches the 10 year mark could start to show signs of decay in many areas. We recommend getting an AC that’s 10 years old or older replaced as a proactive measure.
  • It’s running up your energy bill. As an air conditioner gets old, it will start to consume more energy to cool the house to your desired temperature. This can be a problem down the line and get worse over time.
  • It requires frequent, yearly repairs. Every air conditioner will require repairs at some point, but if they’re occurring at a frequent rate, then replacement might be the only good long-term solution to this problem.
  • It requires one large, expensive component replacement. Does your AC need a compressor replacement? Certain components like the compressor are expensive to fix or replace, and you might be better off replacing the whole system.

Our Rule of Thumb

Here’s a nice rule of thumb when torn between repairs or replacement:

If the repair costs total half or more of the cost that a replacement would be, then we recommend going with a replacement. Replacements last longer, are more efficient, and end up being more cost-effective in the vast majority of these cases.

Repairs Might Be Fine This Year

Did you not check off as many boxes above as you thought you would? Then perhaps repairs are going to work just fine for this year. Let’s put a pin in this discussion and get your system fixed so that it’s ready to provide you with cooling power for the immediate future. We can always revisit replacement later on!

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