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A Refrigerant Leak Requires Professional Attention

The first thought that usually comes to people’s minds when they hear the word “refrigerant leak,” is the idea that they should just perform a recharge on the system and it will start running as if it were new. While a recharge is definitely necessary, there’s a lot to unpack here when it comes to air conditioning repair in McLean, VA.

Refrigerant leaks are a lot more complex than some people might think. No offense to anyone who might be dealing with one, we don’t expect anyone to know this off the top of their head. It’s with our unique knowledge in this industry that we’re able to pinpoint some of the major problems that come from a refrigerant leak and why you might want to rely on a professional to have it fixed.

Let’s talk about what goes into repairing a refrigerant leak, and why it’s not so simple!

Why Refrigerant Might Leak From Your AC

Refrigerant is pressurized to a very precise setting by your air conditioner’s compressor. Pressurized refrigerant is evaporated and condensed through the cooling cycle, which requires a lot of energy. This process can run into hiccups, whether it’s from a botched installation or a problem that occurs due to weathering or overuse. The causes of a refrigerant leak can be endless, even though there are more common sources than others.

The Effects of a Refrigerant Leak

Refrigerant leaks don’t just cause a nuisance, annoying noise, or problems with the cooling process. They can also inhibit the efficiency of your air conditioner, as well as the health of the inhabitants of your home.

Refrigerant leaks can often be found because they make a very distinct noise (a hissing or bubbling sound), and they’re also easy to detect when you start seeing your air conditioner becoming worse at cooling your house or using energy efficiently. All of these can be caused by a refrigerant leak, and it’s important to trace them back to the source of the problem with professional help.

Why You Might Need Professional Help

First of all, it can be pretty hard to get your hands on refrigerant at an affordable cost if you’re not going through a licensed professional. This alone can be a good reason to just hedge your bets and call a pro to have your AC repaired. But, in case you do have a connection or a “guy” that can get you refrigerant, be careful.

Patching the refrigerant leak and recharging the refrigerant is only one part of the problem. It’s important that your air conditioner gets diagnosed properly so that the cause of the refrigerant leak can be repaired before the new refrigerant is recharged and the system starts running again. If you can’t locate the source of the problem, then it’s likely your system will spring another refrigerant leak down the line.

These are important points to remember, and since you’re looking ahead of time when evaluating your system, you might want to save yourself the money and headaches by calling a pro now.

Call Polar Bear Air Conditioning & Heating Inc. to have your system’s refrigerant leak addressed.

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