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Our Mid-Season Guide to Changing Your Air Filter

This is probably one of those moments where you look at your air conditioner and almost physically thank it for providing the cool air that it does. With heatwaves occurring around the country, we’re in the thick of summer and our air conditioners are one of the most reliable appliances we have. So, we won’t stop you! Go say thank you to that system that keeps you cool and comfortable!

However, there is one thing you can do for the system (instead of talking to it) that will make a pretty big change in its ability to continue fighting hot temperatures. You can change the air filter!

If it’s been a month or longer since you changed your air filter, then it might be time to do it. We’re going to walk through this process today, and remind customers that we can help with air conditioning repair in McLean, VA if that’s what’s needed.

1. Turn Off Your System

First, we’d like to remind our customers that changing your system’s air filter while it’s running is never a good idea. The system depends on the air filter, and it’s going to cause problems if you try to make any changes to the air conditioner itself while it’s running.

Once you turn your air conditioner off, then you can work to replace the air filter as mentioned below.

2. Locate the Return Air Duct

The return air duct should be pretty easy to find. Think about it this way–it’s the air duct that leads into your air conditioner, taking the air from inside of your home and preparing it to be cooled. If you find this air duct, then you’ll likely find an arrow or some kind of label that points to where the air filter is. Then, just slide the air filter out and examine it to take the next step.

3. Replace the Filter

This is a bit of a tricky step, but once you’ve got it figured out its easy.

If your system’s air filter is disposable, then all you need to do is toss it in the garbage and purchase a new one that’s the right size, thickness, and material. Perhaps you can keep the old one for reference when you buy a new one.

If your system’s air filter is reusable, then you’re going to need to clean it off. Use paper towels or even some water depending on the type of material it’s made out of and just get the dust, dirt, debris, and other contaminants off of it. Once it seems clean, feel free to reinsert it.

4. Turn the System Back On

Once you think you’ve reinserted the air filter facing the right way, your AC should be ready to turn on again. Head on over to the thermostat and test out the system. If you get cool air coming from your air vents, then you’re in good shape. If anything seems amiss, just call us for support.

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