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Preventing Air Conditioning Problems

thermometer-going-redBoy oh boy, are we ready for the summer weather to arrive. Sure, after a few weeks of truly brutal heat we’ll probably be wishing for things to cool down a bit, but some hot and sunny days sound pretty good right now, don’t they? Of course, it is a lot easier to enjoy that kind of weather when you know that you’ve got a nice, comfortable environment waiting for you once you do get back home for the night.

That is precisely why it is so important to schedule prompt air conditioning repairs when you notice that anything is amiss. Even better than scheduling prompt repairs is preventing the need for repairs in the first place. There are a lot of air conditioning options in Loudon County to choose from, but one thing they all share in common is that none of them are 100% reliable. With these tips in mind, however, you’ll at least be able to keep them as dependable as possible.

Keep the Outdoor Unit Clean

The outdoor AC unit on your property is where refrigerant is condensed in order to release its heat before heading back inside, where it will evaporate to draw heat out of the air. If the outdoor unit is not clean, though, then the condenser coil will have trouble releasing heat. This will negatively affect not only the efficiency with which the system operates, but also its overall performance quality.

Even something like grass clippings can cause problems that, frankly, you don’t need! If your outdoor unit is very dirty, take a hose and spray it down. It’s not a terribly delicate or complicated affair. You should also remove any debris that has fallen on top of the unit, like tree branches. If they fall into the unit, it may damage the fan.

Change Your Air Filter

This may not sound like that important of a task, but changing the air filter is one of the most effective ways in which you can protect your air conditioning system. A clogged up air filter makes it much more difficult for your air conditioner to force air through the system. That means you’ll be using more energy to do so while also putting added strain on the system.

Over time, this can lead to serious problems like short cycling. This occurs when the system starts to overheat. It will shut itself down in order to protect itself. That short cycling is only going to put more strain on the system, making operational problems even more likely.

Schedule Annual Maintenance

When it comes to protecting your air conditioner and preventing repair needs, nothing else even comes close to the benefits of routine AC maintenance. Over time, your system is going to suffer some general wear and tear. That is to be expected. By scheduling an annual tune-up with our team, you’re ensuring that this wear and tear is addressed in order to minimize the risk of it causing serious problems.

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