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4 Tips to Keep Your Ductless Air Conditioner Running Smoothly


Ductless AC systems, or mini splits as they are sometimes called, provide impressive comfort while lowering your utility bills. Once you know how well a system like this can work, you understand that you want to keep it working that well. It would be a shame and a waste to have this amazing system and not reap all the benefits. 

So how do you make sure you keep getting the best possible performance from your system? We’ll give you our four top tips for making sure your ductless air conditioner will run as smoothly as possible. 

1: Clean Your Air Filters

Each ductless air handler in your home has an air filter which you can access by flipping open the front of the unit. In most cases, you won’t need to buy new filters, because the majority of ductless air handlers have reusable filters. Simply slide the filter out, wash it with water, allow it to dry completely, and slide it back in. 

Keeping the filters clean will help with airflow for the system. It will also improve your indoor air quality, preventing dust and other contaminants from blowing out of your air handlers. This should be done monthly during times of heavy use and every few months during times of occasional use.

2: Clean Your Outdoor Unit

Whether you have an air conditioner or a heat pump, it will have an outdoor condensing unit which houses the compressor as well as the condenser coils. It’s very important that this unit have good air circulation to allow heat to dissipate from it. You should eliminate anything that might insulate the unit and keep heat in. 

If plants have grown up around the unit, trim them back. When there’s debris such as leaf litter or lawn clippings, rake it away so it won’t pile up against the unit. And if dust or mud get caked onto the unit, wash it off gently with a hose. 

3: Have Professional Maintenance Done

A qualified technician can inspect and clean all parts of your system to improve efficiency and effectiveness, reduce the likelihood that repairs will be needed, and even prolong the life of the system. For air conditioners, this should be done once every year. If you have a heat pump, which runs much more of the year, professional maintenance should be done twice a year.

4: Get Repairs Promptly When Necessary

A small problem can easily turn into a much bigger one if repairs are delayed. When you suspect that something is wrong with your ductless system, get air conditioning repair in Arlington, VA as promptly as possible. This will help keep the repairs as minimal as possible and avoid putting excess strain on the unit, which could shorten its lifespan and increase your energy use—and thus your utility bills.

How can you tell if repairs are necessary? Make an appointment if you notice any of the following.

  • Noise: Any time you hear more noise than usual, or a new sound coming from your air handler or outdoor unit.
  • Odors: Any unusual smells, such as chemicals, mildew, or something similar to vinegar.
  • Moisture: If water drips from an air handler, or the wall near the air handler is moist.
  • Performance: If you’re not getting the comfort you expect from the system.
  • Energy Use: If your utility bills rise unexpectedly.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment or ask any questions you have about your ductless AC system.

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