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What Happens to Your Energy Bills When Your Ductwork Leaks

How would you like to spend an extra four figures a year on your heating and cooling costs? No? We didn’t think so. Your ductwork can cause you to spend more than you plan on cooling costs, which is why you need duct repair in Arlington, VA.

That’s the reality of how much money you could be losing if you have leaky ductwork without a plan in place to get it fixed. The money you lose in heating and cooling inefficiencies is always worse than the money you’ll spend on a repair call.

You Experience Heat and Cooling Loss

Your air ducts stretch through a lot of your home. That means there’s a lot of points of potential failure, especially when ducts branch off into other sections. While it may not sound like a big deal to have a few small air leaks in your ductwork, you’re losing air that you pay to heat or air condition. It just leaks into your attic and walls, effectively being wasted.

Yes, most of it will still reach the vents and spill into your home, but if you think about it on a percentage basis, maybe it’s only 95% of that air. Maybe it’s less. The more holes and breaks you have in your ductwork, the more money you’re spending.

You Run Your AC for Longer

Your air conditioner has a certain level of efficiency, and it’s trying its hardest to cool your home in a specific amount of time. That’s a cooling cycle. When it runs for a while and still doesn’t lower the temperature in your home, it’s spending more electricity than needed.

With sealed ducts, your home could be cooled faster, lowering your energy consumption. Since heating and cooling costs are amongst some of the highest that any homeowner faces on a monthly basis, reducing the amount of energy you spend on your AC is a big way to save money.

You May Run Higher Bills During Peak Times

Running electronics at non-peak times is an excellent way to save money. There are often discounts applied to your energy rate when you use electricity at off-peak hours, and if you can’t keep your home cool because the ducts are leaking, you don’t really have a choice but to run that AC during those peak hours.

It costs more to cool a home entirely than it does to just keep it cool, so we’re not saying you have to turn off your AC for hours on end. But if it’s naturally running for fewer minutes during those peak times because your ducts are in ship shape? That’s a win for your energy budget.

It’s Time to Fix Those Ducts

Your ductwork needs some attention, and it’s one of those situations where it’s always been to get on the good foot now so you don’t endure bigger damages later. You’re losing money right now, even while you read this. Let our experienced technicians handle your duct repairs and scale back those climbing energy bills.

Contact us today to schedule your duct repair as soon as possible.

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