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Help! My AC Is Blowing Warm Air!

man-yellingIn the Northeast and the Midwest regions of our country, many homeowners are getting ready to retire their air conditioning systems for another winter season. We’re getting there ourselves, even if a bit slower than in those colder places. Does this mean you can ignore signs of trouble with your air conditioning system, even this late in the game?

Absolutely not! Sure, there may not be much of a cooling season left. By the time you’re reading this,  you may have decided the AC is all done for the season. But do you want to be faced with old repair needs when a new cooling season comes back around next year?

We’re going to give that one an emphatic “no”!

If your air conditioner is in trouble, it will likely start to show some signs of distress. As far as signs that you need air conditioning repair in Arlington, VA go, they don’t come much clearer than a system blowing warm air.

You May Have a Dirty Coil or Filter

The evaporator coil in your air conditioning system is where the refrigerant system evaporates. This is important, since the evaporation of refrigerant is what allows the system to draw heat out of your home in the first place to cooling it. If this coil is very dirty, or if the filter is dirty and reducing airflow, then your system will struggle to remove heat from the air effectively. That can lead to warm air coming from your vents.

If it is the filter, congrats. You can fix that one on your own, making it a best-case-scenario. However, if it is the coil that’s dirty, you’ll need to have it professionally cleaned. Still not too bad,  though. Certainly not when you consider some of the alternatives!

Refrigerant Leaks: The Big One

Like we said, the evaporation of refrigerant is how your air conditioning system is able to remove heat from the air in your home. And, if there is not enough refrigerant in the system, the air conditioner won’t be able to effectively cool the air. A low refrigerant charge is one of the most serious problems that you can encounter. If you keep running a system with a low charge, it can inflict irreparable damage.

Your air conditioner does not consume refrigerant, so low levels mean there is likely a leak. It’s possible that a pre-charged system was not properly charged, though this is incredibly unlikely. It’s also possible your technician did not charge the system properly (not if you work with us, of course). However, leaks are the most probable cause of the situation.

Ducts Can Leak, Too

You need to seal refrigerant leaks and have the system recharged right away if that’s what the issue is. If the issue seems confined to a specific area in your home, however, you could also have leaky ductwork. Don’t even think about reaching for the duct tape.

If your ducts have developed leaks, then you absolutely must schedule professional duct sealing, and fast. Until then, you’ll be living in less comfort, paying too much to run your system, and putting unnecessary strain on that system.

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