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How Fresh Filters Benefit ACs

man-with-fanIt’s past mid-July now, and that means that you have definitely been running your air conditioner for over a month. We really hope that you scheduled an AC tune-up prior to putting that air conditioner back into regular rotation—of course, it’s not too late to do so if you have not done so yet! One step that your technicians should have taken when tuning up your system is, of course, changing the air filter. Even if they did, it is probably time to do so again.

What, are these guys getting a kickback from the filter industry or something? Don’t worry, we promise you that we are not motivated by any shady dealings with Big Filter. Our top priority is, as always, your comfort and ensuring that you get the very best performance that your air conditioner has to offer. And trust us when we tell you that changing your air filter on a regular basis is one of the best ways to help your AC to succeed.

But My Air Quality Doesn’t Seem Bad

One of the big points of confusion around the air filters that are used in air conditioning systems is the idea that they are there to boost indoor air quality throughout the house. Sure, there are air filters specifically designed to do just that—be sure to ask us about them if this is a concern of yours!—but the fact is that the standard filter in your HVAC system in Alexandria is just not efficient enough for this type of use.

So what is it there for? To protect your HVAC system itself from problems stemming from the accrual of dust, dirt, and grime on sensitive components within the system. Yes, pollutants may bypass the filter if it is too dirty, but the real concern is the impediment of the cooling process, not the dip in air quality.

Paying More for Less Is a Terrible Deal

An air conditioner that is underperforming due to such issues is bad enough. An air conditioner that is actually costing more to run while giving you less for your money is even worse. That is what you can expect if you fail to keep a fresh air filter in your air conditioning system, though.

Not only does the increased airflow caused by your dirty filter drive down energy costs, but it also may lead to the icing over of your evaporator coil. When that coil ices over, because it is getting too cold and freezing condensation on it, an insulating barrier is created. That further exacerbates the problem.

When your AC is forced to work harder and harder to cool your home, even if the issue is “just” a dirty air filter, it can overheat and start to short cycle. Once that happens, the system will consume even more energy starting and stopping over and over. The wear and tear on the system also makes the risk of damages to the system much higher than it would otherwise be.

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