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Ways to Upgrade Your Commercial Air Conditioning in Washington, DC

The summers in Washington, DC can bring with them heavy heat and humidity. To run a business with a comfortable workspace for employees, customers, and/or clients, you need to have an effective and efficient air conditioning system that’s up to commercial standards. Poor AC can threaten your company’s livelihood, so make sure that the system you have installed can deliver the temperatures the people in your workspace expect.

For this summer, perhaps you’re looking for change in your system. It’s time to seek options for an upgrade that will take your company to the next level of comfort, as well as energy savings. To find out how you can receive better and more efficient cooling, contact the experts in commercial air conditioning in Washington, DC at Polar Bear Air Conditioning & Heating Inc. today. We’ve cooled down local businesses since 2001.

Some upgrades for a commercial air conditioning system

  • Rooftop package units: The most popular type of AC for businesses is the package unit located on the roof. A package unit eliminates the need for the older split-systems that have two cabinets, a condenser outside and an evaporator inside. With a package unit, you have all the components in one place, which saves space and removes most of the noise to the outside of the building. Many of these systems also come with humidity controls. Package units are easier for technicians to service, another advantage.
  • High performance systems: Commercial HVAC technology is constantly advancing. If you’ve had your current AC for more than a decade, some amazing developments have come along that you may wish to take advantage of. New high-efficiency systems sometimes score SEER greater than 20—an improvement of over a third what non-high-efficiency systems rate. Although these systems are more expensive to install, they will rapidly pay for themselves, especially for a busy company that needs to run the AC during most summer days.
  • New thermostat controls: A good thermostat makes for a better air conditioning system. You probably have multiple thermostats in your workplace, all networked into a central control panel. If you have an older system without high-functioning programmable abilities and alerts to identify rooms that are too hot or too cold, then you are missing out on an opportunity for greater savings and increased comfort for everyone in your company. Call up commercial AC technicians to see how they can wire up a better thermostat system for your business.

You can expect happier workers and customers, and a utility bill that is more pleasant to look at each month.

Before the summer heat starts to ramp up, call Polar Bear Air Conditioning & Heating Inc. and improve cooling for your company in Washington, DC. 

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