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What are the Advantages of Air Cleaners?

Air cleaners are essentially a more sophisticated form of air filters, using anything from UV light to electromagnetic static to help keep your air free of dust and dirt. They can usually be installed in your heater or air conditioning system with little trouble, and they bring a number of benefits to your household once they’re in place. Here in Arlington, air cleaners can be easily installed by a qualified air conditioning service company. What are the advantages of air cleaners? A few of the more common ones are listed below.

Advantages of Air Cleaners

  • Cleaner air. First and most importantly, air cleaners help improve the overall quality of your indoor air. Not only does that make your household more comfortable, but it can reduce the amount of allergic attacks in family members and help prevent other common forms of illness. You should especially consider this factor if you have an elderly member of your family, or you are expecting a baby anytime in the near future.
  • A more efficient air conditioner. When dust and dirt coat the inside of the air conditioner, it can increase friction on moving parts as well as interfering with the refrigerant’s ability to do its job. An air cleaner can help prevent dust from accruing, helping your air conditioner function more efficiently and lowering the cost of your monthly energy bills in the bargain.
  • Reduced need to dust. An air cleaner will reduce the amount of dust and dirt that builds up on your furnishings, which means that dusting and similar forms of housework will be made a lot easier.

The advantages of air cleaners are palpable, even for those without immediate health concerns. If you live in Arlington, air cleaners can also be used to help reduce the amount of bacteria and mold that crop up during our muggy summers. We can answer any question you might have, then install the air cleaner that’s right for your home and family.

For more on the advantages of air cleaners, or to schedule a consultation for installation, call upon the experts at Polar Bear Air Conditioning & Heating Inc.

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