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What Repairs Do Ductless Mini Splits Need?


Ductless mini split systems are the go-to for air conditioning in most situations. They offer zone control, lower heating and cooling costs, and depending on how you use them, they can last for ages.

But they’re not invincible. Every HVAC system is susceptible to damage and repairs, and ductless mini splits are no different.

It’s important to know what can go wrong with your mini split leading to air conditioning repair in Arlington, VA before you even pick up the phone. Let’s run over some repairs that you might run into.

Your Compressor Broke

We’re starting with this one because it’s one of the most jarring. Your compressor is one of the most expensive components to repair or replace.

These can break from issues with your refrigerant lines that cause leaks. Most notably, cracks along the line that slowly leak refrigerant.

Once the level of refrigerant in your lines becomes dangerously low, your compressor works harder than it’s supposed to just to achieve the same temperature.

Maintenance serves as a point of inspection and can usually spot these problems, but if they pop up in between maintenance appointments, it can certainly disrupt your quality of life.

If your compressor isn’t broken and the problem is a refrigerant leak, it’s less expensive to repair. This is why it’s also good for homeowners to be mindful of their mini split throughout the year; this is a problem you definitely want to spot before it impairs your mini split’s functionality.

Your Capacitor Failed

Capacitors come in different sizes and capacities, so it’s difficult to say how expensive a capacitor failure will be.

Instead, think about it in terms of importance: your capacitor stores an electrical charge that is vital to your system operation.

There are plenty of different capacitor types and functions, but in your mini split, it regulates power as it comes into the unit. If your capacitor fails, you can’t run your mini split.

Your Blower Motor Goes Out

Your mini split needs a blower to force conditioned air out of the unit and into your home. If your blower motor gives out, then your system doesn’t push air out.

Blower motors give out over time through wear and tear, as many HVAC components do. To reduce the likelihood of your blower motor giving out on you, make sure it isn’t in a situation where it can overheat.

Excess moisture can also harm your blower motor. If your home is extra humid (even with a ductless mini split helping you), consider finding an additional method to reduce or mitigate humidity in the air.

Maintain Your Mini Split

Your mini split needs to be maintained on a regular basis to reduce the number of potential repairs you run into.

Keep it maintained, clean your air filters, and make sure it has enough ventilation around the indoor unit.

Repairs are inevitable, but you can reasonably reduce the number of repairs your mini split will see in its lifetime. Be rigorous about how you take care of it to have the best chance at avoiding the big repairs we just talked about for as long as possible.

Contact Polar Bear Air Conditioning & Heating Inc. today to schedule maintenance and repairs on your ductless mini split system and upkeep your comfort.

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