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3 Benefits of the Ductless Mini Split

ductless-blowerIf you’ve been following our blog, then you’ve probably noticed that we talk about a lot of different HVAC systems. Why? Because there are so many to cover! If variety is the spice of life, then the HVAC industry is quite spicy indeed. Of course, there is a fine line between having plenty of options to choose from, and having an overwhelming amount of options to choose from. That is why we want to help homeowners better understand the many different heaters and ACs available.

One option worth considering is the ductless mini split—and you’ll note that we didn’t say “heating” or “air conditioning” option specifically. More on that below. While there is no single HVAC system that will perfectly suit every homeowner’s preferences or the demands of every home, the ductless mini split is certainly an option that many find most appealing. Read on, and remember to schedule your HVAC services in Arlington with the pros on our staff.

How It Works

Let’s get the big benefit out of the way first. A ductless mini split system, while cooling-only models are available, is a heat pump. Most homeowners are going to opt for that heat pump option, because it allows them to heat and cool their homes with just one system. But there is a major difference between ductless mini splits and your standard air-source heat pump. This is the way in which the conditioned air is distributed throughout the house.

Simple Zone Control

A heat pump, ductless mini splits included, transfers heat from the in one space to another. In the winter, heat is drawn out of the air outside through the evaporation of refrigerant. That refrigerant is compressed and then condensed indoors. With a ductless mini split, you are distributing heated (or cooled) air throughout the house via a central system of air ducts. Instead, individual blower units are used, which means that you can manage temperatures in different areas of your home independently from others.

Improved Air Quality

That you are using a heat pump at all means improved energy efficiency when heating your home. Remember, no new heat is generated. You are also going to benefit because there is no risk of energy loss via leaky ductwork—because there is no ductwork that can develop leaks! This doesn’t just improve efficiency: it also means that no pollutants are being pulled into air ducts and then distributed throughout your home.

Summary of the Benefits

  1. Versatility. The system is able to reverse its refrigerant cycle, removing heat from the home in the summer and transferring heat into the home during the winter.
  2. Efficiency. Manage temperatures with greater control thanks to independently regulated blower units. Eliminate the risk of energy loss via duct leaks entirely.
  3. Air quality. Don’t run the risk of blowing pollutants throughout the house via your air ducts. Even if ducts are in great shape, forced air in general can stir up dust and dirt and send it airborne.

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