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Why Humidify Your Home?

question-mark-badgeDuring the summer season, our weather can get extremely hot and humid. The idea of adding humidity to a home during any time of the year seems like an odd decision. In truth, adding the right amount of humidity to the air in a house is a great way to protect indoor air quality and alleviate a number of physical symptoms for people and materials.

Today, we’ll look at a few of the issues that may arise in a house with low humidity. We’ll also help you  understand why you should skip the standalone humidifiers and opt instead for a whole-house humidifier in Georgetown. If you have any questions, call a member of our team. We have the expertise to determine if you could benefit from a whole-house humidifier.

How’s Your Health?

Not great, but it’s so cold out! But the cold does not cause colds. Germs do. So why is illness more of a problem in winter? Because of low humidity. Your body is protected by mucous membranes in your sinuses. When those membranes dry out and crack, germs can get right into your bloodstream. Keeping your home sufficiently humidified helps to protect your overall health.

How’s Your Comfort?

Are you itchy, or even bleeding from cracks in your dry skin? That could be due to dry air leeching moisture out of your body. Does it seem you cannot keep yourself comfortably warm in your home? Dry air does not retain heat as well as properly humidified air does. Moisture evaporates off of your skin easier when the air is dry, and that means your body cools off even when you’re chilly!

How’s Your Property?

Is your wallpaper cracking? Paint chipping? Wooden floorboards splitting? Furniture coming undone? That could be due to excessively dry air. With a whole-house humidifier, you can maintain the right amount of humidity in the air while protecting your property itself.

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