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How Regular Maintenance Helps Your Heat Pump

Heat pump unit visible in a bedroom.

Your heat pump endures a lot of wear and tear throughout the year. You’re already facing the uncertainty of each season; you shouldn’t have to worry about your heat pump on top of everything else. Heat pump maintenance saves you a lot of money in the long run, so let’s talk about how.

Regular heat pump maintenance in Alexandria keeps your system from completely breaking down while also improving your energy efficiency. Let’s break down every benefit to regular maintenance for your heat pump and schedule your first maintenance call at the same time.

Your Heat Pump Handles a Lot of Stress

Furnaces shut down when summer hits. The air conditioner gets a break for a few months per year. Your heat pump doesn’t have that luxury. It undergoes a lot of physical stress on each component, and there’s no sign of stopping throughout the year.

Because it’s constantly fighting against something, the signs of stress pop up faster than they may on your air conditioner or separate heater. Yet heat pumps still last for just as long (if not, longer) than traditional HVAC systems. They’re designed to last, but only if you help them.

How Heat Pump Maintenance Saves You Money

Your heat pump is more energy efficient than a separate furnace could ever be, and despite being known for its energy efficiency, heat pumps can still outperform electric furnaces as well. Your air conditioner uses a lot of power as well, something that a heat pump doesn’t have to do to achieve the same results.

If you keep up with that energy efficiency, you’ll continue to save money over alternative heating and cooling options. Failing to maintain your heat pump means it could end up using more power than necessary as its parts begin to wane.

How Often Should My Heat Pump Be Serviced for Maintenance?

At least once a year, and not a day later. Because your heat pump does two jobs at the same time, it needs a bit of TLC. If you notice that you run into maintenance-related issues halfway through the year, talk to your heat pump specialist in Alexandria about how often your unit needs to be serviced. Older heat pumps that have a spotty maintenance history may need more than other units.

Can I Maintain My Heat Pump Myself?

You can do light maintenance to your heat pump, such as changing out the air filter or providing some light cleaning, but there are hazards involved with many DIY attempts homeowners take on for their heat pump.

While you can handle a few maintenance tasks, it leaves out the inspection aspect that a heat pump specialist does during every maintenance call. They’ve seen it all, so they know what to look for from the top of your unit to the bottom.

Maintain Your Heat Pump, Avoid Big Bills

Your heat pump is the unsung champion of your home. It’s energy-efficient, powerful, and does the job of a furnace and an air conditioner at the same time. You need it, so be sure to give it the maintenance it needs to keep doing its job.

Contact us today to begin scheduling heat pump maintenance and minimize the number of system breakdowns you’ll run into in the future.

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