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How Do Boilers Distribute Heat?

radiant-tubingWe may be moving out of the heating season now, but we’re not in the clear. It’s still March, after all, and the weather in our area loves throwing curve balls at this time of the year. If you use a boiler to heat your home, and you suspect that there is a problem of any kind, don’t wait until the start of next winter to schedule a necessary boiler repair in Alexandria, VA.

What kind of problems are we talking about? Well, there are those that boilers may share with any heating system. Problems with combustion. Complete failure leaving your house frigid. However, there are also problems specific to boilers, mainly relating to the way in which they distribute heat throughout homes. You definitely don’t want to let such problems go untreated, so get in touch with us if any trouble comes up!

Boilers Heat Water, Not Air

Furnaces and heat pumps heat air and then distribute that heated air throughout homes via the use of ductwork. Boilers operate much differently. They heat water, which is a more effective heat transfer medium than air, as it retains heat better. However, piping hot water throughout your house to radiators or via hydronic in-floor heating systems can lead to some potentially serious problems.

We’re talking about leaks, here. While radiators may hiss a bit when heating homes, you shouldn’t see water sputtering out of them or out of any of the pipes supplying them with steam or hot water. If you notice any pipes dripping water onto the floor, or if you see floorboards starting to warp, feel cold spots where hydronic heating pipes pass under your floors,  or see rust on your boiler itself, contact us right away.

Remember, you’re not just wasting energy—though these problems will definitely result in higher heating costs. You’re also putting your property at risk of serious damage. Damp conditions also create a breeding ground for biological pollutants like mold and bacteria.

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