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How Do Boilers Heat Water?

mittens on radiatorThere are a number of different heating systems that homeowners may choose to use in their homes. The furnace is certainly among the most popular, but boilers are right up there with them. Boilers require a bit more work during the installation process, though, particularly when it comes to the way in which they distribute heat.

You should not let this fact dissuade you from using a boiler in your home, though, especially when you take into account the benefits of using a boiler to heat your house. If you’re thinking about replacing a heater, or if you want to install a dependable system in a brand new home, give us a call. A boiler in Washington, DC may be just what you’re looking for.

Skip the Forced-Air

Forced-air heaters, such as furnaces, offer a few benefits of their own. One major drawback, though, is the high risk of leaks developing in ductwork. These leaks can typically be repaired and sealed, but that doesn’t mean that homeowners are going to notice them right away. When you use a boiler, though, you don’t have to worry about such leaks.

Boilers heat water, which is a much more effective heat transfer medium than air, and then distribute that hot water or steam throughout the house. In some homes, old steam radiators are still used. These steam radiators emit heat out into the air in the rooms in which they are installed. Modern homeowners are more likely to use a system such as hydronic baseboard, though. These baseboards sit at the base of the wall, and the hot water running through them keeps the area comfortable.

Hydronic in-floor heating, however, is also very popular. With in-floor hydronic heating, the hot water is piped through the house in tubes beneath the floor. That hot water heats the floor, which radiates heat out into the living space. Convection still plays a role, but not as much as with radiators or baseboards. The heat warms up objects in the house, including furniture and human bodies, without the problem of hot air rising up and getting trapped at the ceiling, which can happen with forced-air heaters.

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