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Is Your Heat Pump in Peril?

Owning a heat pump should be a relaxing experience. They’re simple systems that work in pretty amazing ways to bring heat to your home throughout the winter, and cool things down during the summer. If you’re a heat pump owner that’s anxious about the state of your system, or you’re worried that something is wrong, then you need help from a team that can fix it.

The truth of the matter is that heat pumps can run into problems throughout their lifetimes. This is actually normal. We put a tremendous amount of strain on these complex machines, so it’s actually pretty regular for a heat pump to have a small problem that needs to be fixed. That’s why maintenance is such a powerful tool.

However, if you’re reading this blog then you probably need heating repair in Chevy Chase, MD. We’ll walk you through what to do if your heat pump is in peril.

How to Tell If Your Heat Pump Is Struggling

First, we need to approach this awful situation with a level head. It can be easy to feel anxious and angry, especially during the holiday season, with a heating system that’s malfunctioning. After all, these systems always choose the most inconvenient times to run into trouble, don’t they?

Not to worry, we can get it fixed. Here are some signs that your heat pump might be struggling:

  • Lukewarm air is coming from the system. Lukewarm air is a telltale sign that a heat pump isn’t doing its job properly. It could be suffering from a refrigerant leak or a failure with certain components, but either way, this is a big red flag.
  • It’s driving up the bill. If you’re nervous just thinking about your energy bill this month, then you might have an inefficient heat pump. This can be a problem that calls for repairs, but we won’t know until we do a thorough examination.
  • It’s stuck in cooling mode. This is actually a pretty common problem in heat pumps. The reversing valve of your system might be broken or malfunctioning and our team can replace it so that your system can get back to heating your home.

Here’s What You Can Do…

Okay, now that we’re sure there’s a problem, let’s get to fixing it!

  1. Call our team for help. First things first, call our team to get the problem addressed. We can be there in no time!
  2. Find a way to stay warm and comfortable in the meantime. Your comfort and safety are priority number one. Pull out the space heaters, head to a relative or neighbor’s house, or do something to stay warm and comfortable. We might even be able to help you achieve this goal!
  3. Work with us to find the best solution for your budget and comfort. Last but not least, we need to work together in order to get a solution that lasts for your home. If your heat pump needs to be replaced, we will be honest with you and tell you upfront. Do what’s right for your budget and your home comfort, and we’ll help you stay the course.

Call Polar Bear Air Conditioning & Heating Inc. for more information on heat pump problems.

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