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Keeping Warm During a Power Outage: Washington DC Heating Tip

Power outages are a very scary thing—especially when they happen in the winter in Washington DC. With winter approaching, it is a good idea to know how you can keep your family warm when there isn’t any power. We’ve put together a few tips for our customers in the Washington area so they can make sure their family is safe when the power goes out.

Close off a Room

If you’re going to be without power for several days, choose a room as your home base. Close all the doors and windows. Hang blankets on the walls and over the windows. You want to keep as much heat inside the room. Heating one small room is much more efficient that trying to heat your whole home on limited resources.  This will maximize the heat retention for all that body heat that you naturally generate while you sleep.

Heat Source

If you have a gas-fired water heater you can take a warm shower or bath to raise your body temperature. Even if you have an electric water heater, the tank will stay warm for some time after the power goes out. During the day, if there is sunlight, try to sit in the sun as much as possible. Also, try to allow as much sun to entire your house and heat your home.

Extra Clothes, Blankets, Sleeping Bags and Tents

Gather any extra blankets, clothing, sleeping bags or quilts. Your body generates more heat than you think. Conserving that heat is a critical. You can also set up camping tents to help you retain even more heat.

Stay off the Ground

The ground can absorb a lot of your body heat while you sleep. Put down a mattress in your room or sleep on a couch. This will allow you to retain more of your body heat.

If you have any other questions about how to maximize your heat in your Washington home during a power outage, call the experts at Polar Bear. We offer heating services to the Washington DC area!

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