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My Pilot Light Won’t Stay Lit: What Repairs Are Needed?

Pilot lights are a necessary component of many gas furnaces. Although some furnaces today use electrical igniters to start up the gas jets along the burner, the pilot light is still the standard method for most models. As long as the pilot light is burning, the gas jets responsible for creating the heat inside your furnace will be able to come on whenever your thermostat requires heat.

A pilot light can occasionally go out because of a strong draft, in which case you should have no trouble relighting it. But if the pilot light will not stay lit, going out repeatedly, then your furnace will need an expert eye to see what’s wrong and offer solutions to repair it. Without a pilot light burning, you won’t have the heat you need to get through the winter.

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Repairs for a fluttering and failing pilot light

The most common repair that technicians do to restore a pilot light is to clean off the burner unit. The pilot light requires oxygen to ignite, and if grime and dirt have coated the burner unit, it will prevent the pilot from activating. The technician will remove the burner unit to have it properly cleaned.

The trouble may come from the gas line itself. There might be blockage along the pipe, damage to a gas valve, or a safety control feature that has malfunctioned so that is activating at the wrong time. Technicians can usually handle gas flow issues… and you should never attempt to do repairs to a gas line on your own.

Some newer furnaces have electronic control systems which can malfunction and affect the pilot light. These are complex systems, and require a skilled technician to look over their circuit boards and find what is necessary to repair to restore the pilot light.

The trained technicians at Polar Bear Air Conditioning & Heating Inc. are ready to assist you with your furnace repair in Washington, DC so you’ll stay warm and safe through the winter. Call us today!

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